Devon in all its sunshine glory

I can't quite believe our luck! Not only was there a mini heatwave in England but it coincided with the very same week we had booked a cottage in Devon. I really felt like this was a massive boon, British sea side holidays in the drizzle are always an exercise in mind over matter and one which, with a toddler, is sometimes hard to win. In contrast we had almost faultless blue skies and soaring temperatures. Complete bliss. 

We rented a cottage in the South Hams district of South Devon which is near Totnes and the River Dart. I had been there before to visit some friends and had completely fallen in love with the area and wanted to show it to Nick and Joseph. Joseph is two now and had never been on a British seaside holiday which I felt was highly remiss. We also had my sister and bother in law plus my parent's dog in tow so we were a bit of a rabble. It's quite a smart area, lots of nice pubs and postcard worthy villages all set against the backdrop of beautiful undulating fields criss crossed with hedgerows and  patchwork quilt fields - like a scene from Postman Pat (I've been watching too muck kids TV). The killer piece of scenery in land is the River Dart which is this surreally beautiful estuarine river that meanders through the countryside with densely wooded banks and wildlife galore. It's like stepping back in time and feeling the olde English magic of the countryside.

We spent a couple of days at a beautiful beach called South Milton Sands where Joseph became accustomed to waves (at first a terrifying prospect) and quickly became obsessed with buying anything and everything he could find in the sand. A common toddler foible I am told!

Not only did we love this beach for its beautiful sand and clear waters, it also had the most amazing beach shack which was fully licensed and served up amazing fresh seafood all pretty much on the beach. Who would have thought you could feel so Caribbean in Devon. We didn't need much encouragement to get stuck in.

Three happily fed and sunned beach goers, what a treat.

We spent another day at Shoreham Vineyards which is a prize winning vineyard on the banks of the River Dart. We strolled around the vineyards and the river bank before settling in for some homegrown wine and delicious home made cheese, again, what's not to love?

The other place we stopped off that I really have to mention is a little riverside pub in a small hamlet called Tuckenhay. It's set on the banks of a little tributary of the main river and has beautiful views and a lovely slow feel where you can sit and unwind all day, which is exactly what we did.

On our last day we went to Dartmouth, a really pretty town where we got to indulge all our British seaside needs. We gorged ourselves on   catch of the day fish and chips and guzzled ice creams in the sunshine looking out over the harbour whilst watched by hungry sea gulls. All most enjoyable. 

We went to a few other shingly beaches as well which were also very pretty but, in my opinion, I don't think you can beat a nice sandy beach!

All in all such a wonderful trip away, staying in one of my favourite corners of England.

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