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Hi there everyone, gosh, it's been a very long time since I have written on here. I keep meaning to write but I find, as with most things in my life, it's a habit and once I'm out of the habit it is very hard to get back in. So here goes, a quick one to kick start a whole new wave of blogging enthusiasm.

Since I last wrote on here that I was hanging up my upholstery boots, I've had a fair bit of interest from people and have ended up doing some lovely chairs for them. This fantastic pair of 1950's East German armchairs look great upholstered in the gorgeous Designers Guild velvet. It is so thick (100% cotton) and luxurious, it makes any piece of furniture look pretty luxe.

This little pair of 1950's cocktail chairs also looked really nice in these thick linen weaves. That material is dyed using vegetable colouring and has a very organic look.

 I still have a few pieces left of the old stock and since the end of the summer term is just round the corner, I am planning on going on some buying trips to stock up on lovely chairs. I have had quite a lot of people asking about when there will be new stock in and as soon as I have photographed it, I will put it up here and you can get in touch if you're interested.

For now, what I have left is as follows:

 A lovely big easy chair which is so comfortable. This chair is Danish and as solid as they come. This is a photo of its pair which has already been upholstered and sold. The other is waiting for new fabric and a new home.
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £540 per chair.

 I have two of these arm chairs with a wooden arm rest on each arm. They scrub up really nicely and look great in either a pattern or plain. These are originally from Poland and also date back to the 1940/50's.
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £550 per chair.

I have these two cocktail chairs waiting to be covered. They can either be finished with or without buttons. These also hail from the old Communist block and date from 1940/50's. They are comfy and attractive little chairs that look great in the corner of a room.
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £315 per chair.

I wanted to finish with lots of gorgeous shots of our garden  but the sun never seems to be shining when I'm at home so that will have to wait for another time. I hope all you people out there have had slightly better weather than we have in London, it feels like it hasn't stopped raining.We have a week away booked to a cottage in Devon in a few weeks and I am just praying for nice weather. I want to introduce Joseph to the delights of British sea side holidays which are, questionable at best if it is hammering down with rain!

Till next time...

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