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It's been a really long time since I wrote on here so I wonder if any of you out there are still listening? Juggling a teaching job, a baby and a small business got a bit too much and a bit of the joy went out and a lot of the stress came in. Plus, I didn't feel like I had much to write about apart from babies, babies and more babies and this was never meant to be a baby blog! So I hung up my blogging boots and settled down to a life dictated by the whims of a very wilful little boy. 

Well I wouldn't say that life is returning to normal because, well,  normal doesn't exist anymore! But I am getting a bit more sleep and the creative itch is definitely back again. So on that note.. I have been taking a few commissions and thought it was probably a good time to start touting my wares again.

This is a 1950's cocktail sofa I just completed.

I have a number of other chairs waiting to be upholstered and I have a large range of fabrics in many different colours and styles so if you would like to have one of the chairs below upholstered to your specification, please do get in touch and we can discuss fabrics etcetera. 

I have two "Communist Chairs" available with holes in their backs. These originate from East Germany and date back to the 1940/50's era. 
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £190 per chair. 

I have two of these arm chairs with a wooden arm rest on each arm. They scrub up really nicely and look great in either a pattern or plain. These are originally from Poland and also date back to the 1940/50's.
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £495 per chair.

I have four cocktail chairs waiting to be covered. These are two matching pairs and can either be finished with or without buttons. These also hail from the old Communist block and date from 1940/50's. They are comfy and attractive little chairs that look great in the corner of a room.
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £315 per chair.

I also have one of each of the chairs below available in an unupholstered condition.

A lovely big easy chair which is so comfortable. This chair is Danish and as solid as they come. 
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £540 per chair.

A litte 1950's tub chair that goes with the sofa I have just upholstered at the top of the page. It's very comfy and very pretty.
Cost inclusive of fabric and upholstery is £380 per chair.

If you would like any more information about any of the chair featured here, please do get in touch on; hickeyanddobson@gmail.com or 07771988961.

Thank you.

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