Sunshine on a winter's day

I spent Saturday nursing a sore head after a rare Friday night blow out and was somewhat dreading the demands of my ever more rambunctious little boy. 

Luckily, the day was beautiful and we spent most of it out in the garden. Much to Joseph's delight he was free to roam around the grass and chew on all sorts of hitherto out of reach objects (think grass, stones etc.. at what point should you stop your baby eating everything?)

I spent the day painting my new cold frame which I love an inordinate amount. It is currently sitting pretty on our patio and acting as a temporary plant hospital for those unfortunate specimens  that haven't faired so well over the winter months. I can't wait to get going on my seedlings soon, they make me mama happy.

It's still got a way to go but I'm pretty pleased with how our garden's looking and am excited about seeing all the plants spring into life over the next few months. Some have already got quite a lot of new growth which makes me very happy indeed.

My shed's coming into it's own too and is currently home to some beautiful new chairs that are waiting to be photographed and will soon be up on the site.

Today was a less garden based affair but Joseph didn't let that stand in the way of his desire to get down and dirty. We have a lot of house plants, so in pretty much every room there is plant pot at almost exactly the right height for him to pull himself up on and, like a little mole, shovel mud out of on to the floor!

But all is forgiven when he snuggles for a little cuddle. 

Have a good week everyone and watch out for pictures of the new chairs which will be up shortly.