Out n' about

Times are a changing: I've gone back to work, baby J is growing up so fast and spring is almost (almost) here. Now I'm back at work, it seems even more important to make our time off count and do fun stuff together as a little family. Number one fun thing was breakfast out at Clifton Nursery for our St Valentine's treat. It was delicious, nutritious and yes, that's a Bloody Mary you can see,  I enjoyed it very much!

Joseph is eating much better, which is a relief after months of trying every trick in the book to even get him to eat a morsel of the delicacies I cooked up.

Next we went to Gladstone park, just north of Harlesden. I had never been there before and it's enormous, I had no idea. A great place for a Sunday walk, shame there isn't anything much around there in terms of nice foody/eaty places, the cafe was a disappointment!

Last significant outing was to West Sussex. We were on the hunt for pretty places, close to London and West Sussex really fits the bill. We stopped for lunch in a place called Petworth which has a beautiful National Trust house slap bang in the middle of the village. I am old before my time in terms of my love for all things National Trust, I enjoy everything about them apart from maybe the guided tours which can be a tad tedious. Generally I just like to amble around, look at pretty gardens and sit in their nice cafes.

The town itself was very pretty too, although every other shop was an antiques shop and the average age of the town's population was a genteel eighty.

It was the start of our Investigate Nice Places To Maybe Move To In Five Years Time project and it was deemed a success by all.

I also took a few more pics of this 1950's armchair so the true colour of the fabric is more visible. It was upholstered in Designers Guild vegetable dyed linens which are amazing. It is available to buy for £550 from my shop.


Just a light dusting

... but it did snow and when I woke up this morn there was a sprinkling over everything. 

It being Joseph's first sighting of snow we hot footed it to the park for some sensory snow overload.

His little beady eyes were all over the place and when I held up snow for him to touch his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

The park was very beautiful and vey silent apart from the lovely sound of snow crunching beneath my feet.

And then he fell sound asleep and I went home and found the first flower had come out in our garden.

I wouldn't say  that Spring is here, or even nearly, but new shoots are beginning to peep through and February is finally here.