Bed time with my Eve mattress

When doing up the house the downstairs definitely took precedence over upstairs, but all that is slowly changing. Our bedroom is at the front of the house and takes up the whole width of the house - it's the biggest room in the house! We went with a yellow, turquoise and grey colour scheme which, amazingly, works quite well. We took inspiration from some curtain fabric we already had and although I had my misgivings, over all I'm very pleased with it.

Our bedroom was finally completed this week with the arrival of our brand new mattress, it's a seriously high end memory foam affair and a world away from our sagging last one, it even comes in a lovely yellow colour to complement our colour scheme!

I really love the packaging too. The box has lots of inspirational, sleep inspired quotes around it, very cool branding!

We had our first night's sleep on it last night and boy oh boy, it was a good one, if interested it's made by Eve (click here for the link).

We bought the bed on eBay and it looked really cheap and nasty, we wanted to save the money for the mattress and I was sure that we could spruce it up a bit. Roll on a good few months and we've finally got round to reupholstering the head board in a lovely striped weave. We put a linen valance around the base to hide the ugly but oh so useful divan drawers and then I bought some delicious cotton bed linen which is the finishing touch. Our new mattress is the icing on the cake: it is now pretty much impossible for me to get up in the morning!