New chair and autumness

Ta da and finally... I've finished a new chair! I tell you, multitasking with a bambino is not my strong point. Anyway, here it is, an unusual 1950 cocktail chair upholstered in a beautiful floral linen on the inside and a chunky grey weave on the outside(both fabrics by Designers Guild).
1950's cocktail chair in floral linen and chunky weave: £550

November is a beautiful month and I've been really enjoying the autumness of it all. Most years the loveliness of autumn is overshadowed by the fast approaching winter but this year I don't seem to mind. Maybe it was because we had such a great summer, or maybe it's just been a beautiful autumn, whatever the reason I have been happily out and about enjoying the great outdoors, starting with my own garden.

Steam rising off our garden fence in the morning sun.

My new shed/work shop
 da boys inspecting their turf

However lovely my own little slice of Harlesden heaven is, it's nice to get out and get some inspiration from the big boys, and when you want horticultural wow factor there is only one pace for it... Kew Gardens! Their veggie patch especially gave me something to aim for!

And then I took it to a whole new level and headed out of London entirely for a trip to Hereford to visit Nick's family where I was wowed by nature's display of autumn colours.

I was so impressed by the general misty marvellousness of it all that I even took a pic on my early morning run!

And after all this outdoorsiness we headed to the pub, where Joseph showed a strong preference for the speciality brew!

And last, but by no means least, some entirely gratuitous shots of little Jose looking beautifully chubby and very happy. He remains a very cheery little person who's main aim in life is to create NOISE closely followed by an innate instinct to DESTROY!!!