Sitting room hues

And so life on maternity leave continues in much the same vein as the last three months - sleepily, at times grumpily but mostly very contentedly. What with moving house and having the nipper the months have drifted by and now I'm staring down the barrel of the autumn months and I haven't once sat in the sunshine in a bikini (swimming costume, bikinis are definitely out for me at the mo).

We're off to Cornwall with the extended fam the week after next so I am crossing fingers and toes that the sunshine comes back and I can let the sun warm my bones whilst enjoying lazy beers and let the assorted aunts and grand parents look after the babe, otherwise it's a week of endless eating and scrabble playing which isn't so bad either.

We also got our sitting room sorted and have been making very good use of our new smart TV where you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want (this is an exaggeration but we haven't owned a telly for three years so to go from nada to having BBC iplayer, Netflix and all the rest at your finger tips is a true zero to hero experience). Said TV is neatly tucked away in the custom built shelves so as not to dominate the room and our wonderful chaise longue is perfectly positioned so as to have the optimal viewing experience. We have to take it in turns as to who gets the chaise otherwise t's just not fair!

It's funny, when I was planning it, I was thinking of grey, greens and pinks but somehow purple/mauve has crept into the colour scheme and I love it. It also works brilliantly with our amazing print which we bought together within three weeks of having first met, I still love it.

The back sitting room I'm struggling with a little more so I won't show you any many pics of that, it gets very little natural light and I worry the dark blue is a bit oppressive, mmm, I shall live with it a little longer and see how it looks in the winter light.

I upholstered the chaise and sofa myself and am really pleased with the results. They are both original Victorian pieces which appeals to me as the house is also Victorian. I picked them both up at various markets and used vegetable dyed linen on them to give that lovely washed out look. If you are interested in commissioning something like either of these then do get in touch.

We had a scare last week, Joseph got a very high temperature and was burning up. Being a new mum, I didn't know what I should do so waited till Monday morning and then took him to the doc, where he was promptly rushed to hospital with a temperature of 39.9 degrees celsius, pretty damn scary. They were worried it was meningitis as they couldn't find a cause so they took blood and did horrid tests including a lumber puncture :(((( It was so upsetting to see the poor little mite so unwell and sad. Anyway, after three days in hospital they were still none the wiser about the cause of it all but he was much better and so we went home. The staff at St Mary's, Paddington were amazing, particularly up on the paediatric ward where it seems the nicest and kindest people in the world work, it made the ordeal of three days in hospital and a very sick bubba just about bearable. We also had a lovely room all to ourselves with the most incredible view over the Paddington Basin which was pretty impressive. Anyway, thank you NHS for your amazing work, I felt very lucky to live in the Western world where healthcare is not only fantastic but also free!

Here's the little chubster well on his way to being fully recovered!