Our home in Harlesden

I know it's been a fair while since I last wrote a blog, a complete social media no no apparently. Someone once told me that in order to maintain any kind of readership you need to blog at least every other day, eek! So, sorry for the lack of contact and thank you if you're reading this now.. I am looking forward to getting back on the blog and writing about some of the fun stuff we've been doing recently.

Well, we're in Harlesden and I love it! As I'm not working I spend the days walking the streets with Joseph getting to know my new hood. The buildings are beautiful, the actual architecture is much more interesting than it's more gentrified neighbour Kensal Rise. In fact I think I will do a blog about all the cool buildings and interesting things I have seen throughout my day time wanderings. The local park is an absolute gem too, big enough for you to feel like you're out of the hurly burly of city life but small enough to have a real community feel, the vibrant Eid celebrations under the shade of the huge trees were a heart warming sight to behold. 

And the house is beginning to really come together which is so much fun. I thought I would show it one room at a time starting with the kitchen (mainly because that's the only room that's finished!)

We did a side extension in this room so that we had a bigger kitchen, it cost a fortune and I was a bit nervous as to whether I would like the end result enough to warrant all the money we spent - I needn't of worried. I love it.

I wanted to make the room look like it was part of the original building rather than a modern extension and as such we tried to use as many old materials and objects as we could. The doors leading into the garden are wooden and made to spec and the kitchen units are a combination of Ikea units and a Victorian pine dresser. We also made ample use of these gorgeous pine planks we found which had been used for decades to store very large cheeses - if you look closely you can still see round mark of the cheeses on them!

So there it is, our lovely new kitchen, good thing I love it so much as I literally spend my entire life in there avec le nipper! Here he is making good use of all the lovely cushions.

On the theme of the littl'un, it was his baptism this weekend where he was officially made a little baby Catholic and welcomed into the Holy Roman Church.. not that he was that bovved by it all! We had an amazing day though, the sun shone and we had all our families there and the wonderful godparents. He is such a lucky little man, there was so much love being poured into him it realy made my heart swell.

And then back to my parents house for a some booze and grub and lots of lovely chatting in the sunshine. Joseph was not too enamoured with his long, frilly smock so we got him out of that pronto and he as passed around for cuddles.

He wasn't the only gorgeous little one though, I had two of my beautiful god daughters there and it was the first time they had met. They had a lovely time whilst totally ignoring each other - ah well, plenty of time for them all to become pals.

And lastly some chair news, I have been quite busy doing some lovely chairs for commissions and I am planning to do a few more ones for general sale, but for now these beauties are still for sale and I am now selling at a reduced price, get in touch if you're interested in any of the below.

 Chubby 1960's armchair in Romo fabric was £530 now £480

1950's cocktail chair in  Sanderson rainforest fabric was £400 now £350

1950's wooden arm chair in Designers Guild ticking was £250 now £220

1950's cocktail chair in  Sanderson rainforest fabric was £190 now £150

Have a great week all and I promise not to leave it so long next time x