Final leg..

Bloody nora, it’s been bloody ages since I have written a blog, not for want of trying but definitely for want of having the spare hands  and necessary attention to sit down and write, let alone edit photos etc. Mothering, it turns out, is a full time profession! I either have young Joseph happily attached to my breast, grunting and squeaking his satisfaction, while I fritter away my money keeping myself entertained on eBay – must break this habit! Or, if he’s not feeding, he’s normally in the sling, snuggled up next to my tummy, which again limits what I can do. Joseph rally only likes to be in very close (skin to skin) proximity with me. He ideally likes it when I am standing up and preferably walking. He has an uncanny ability to tell the difference between sitting down jiggling and standing up jiggling, many the time I have lowered myself into a chair, continuing to jiggle him to the exact same rhythm as when standing, only for his eyes to fly open as soon as my bottom touches the cushion and the previously napping baby to commence with a fretful whine. This is why it is so hard to get ANYTHING done!

That said, Joseph is amazing, motherhood is wonderful and we are very lucky because he really is a good little boy. Plus, joy of joys, he’s started smiling and you can forgive anything when he flashes you with a beaming grin!

He really is the ultimate time waster, hours of cooing and cuddling, the days both seem to fly by and last forever. 

It's not quite true to say that Joseph has been the only thing taking up my time, we still have the small matter of finishing our house. Something of increasing urgency since we have to be out of my parents house in TWO WEEKS!

The extension, which is going to be an eat in kitchen, has now been built and we've started fitting the kitchen. I am just so pleased that I had made all of the stylistic decisions before Joseph arrived because I just don’t have my mind on the job at all anymore, thankfully Nick is a bit more switched on!

We are so pleased with the way the kitchen is looking, we wanted a mix of old and new and had a pretty tight budget for everything as well. The dresser was an eBay find and is Victorian. The wood that we used for the shelves and end panels are old cheese board shelves and you can still see the marks of the big round cheeses on them! There is also going to be an old wall cabinet on the far wall but you can't see that yet. 

We picked up this stunning door on Gumtree and I think it really makes the hallway. You can see we kept the joists in the ceiling visible to add to the old fashioned feeling of the room. Although it is the most modern room in the house, being an extension, we didn't want to lose the feeling of a period house.

I LOVE this cupboard in the corner, it's going to have the boiler in it as well as storing the hoover, broom and other kitchenalia. The doors are old pine Victorian cupboard doors and the sides have been made of the cheese boards again, very pleased. The steps in the second photo lead up to the sitting rooms which are much more brightly coloured, hence the pink door.

And here we are, ta da, the front sitting room which is gorgeous and light, looking through to the back one which is rather atmospheric and dark.

We went all out in this rather dark second room and painted it a dark blue and then tiled the fireplace in pinkish Moroccan zellige tiles. Very pleased with the results, just can't wait to get the furniture in now, when hopefully it will all come together beautifully.

One last pic of our bathroom, which again features the ubiquitous cheeseboards on the side of the bath. Again, so pleased with the results and just can't wait to get in there and start unpacking.

Last but not least, I'm hoping to do some chair photography this coming Friday and should actually have some new pieces up soon, stranger things have happened, so keep an eye out for that!

Have a good week x