Our special delivery!

Well, I wondered if the bubba would ever actually arrive, after being told I would give birth early, in the end our baby boy was born 13 days over due!! At a healthy 8lb 8oz, little Joseph Taylor emerged into the world on May 3rd. We are both so utterly in love with him it makes me feel a bit giddy.

By a stroke of luck, one of his Grannies had knitted him his very own technicolor dream coat, even before she knew the name, how very clever of her. He loves it and never takes it off!

Both mother and son are doing very well, but I do have to say that I have a new found respect for women kind and there is a sort of knowingness between myself and other mothers which can only come as a result of having both experienced the very primeval act of giving birth!

Joseph has very much taken the whole experience in his stride and likes to spend most of his time sleeping, so much so that it has been a struggle to find an awake shot of him! The one below shows a slightly grumpy Joseph, he'd much rather be snoozin'!

On account of all the napping, both Mum and Dad can be found curled up in bed for the majority of the day as well - so far this maternity lark has been most enjoyable!

That said, we have made it out and about a bit and have even gone out for a few walks!!

We're still living with my parents in Wimbledon and my favourite place in the whole of London for evening walks is a park called Canizaro which is the most gorgeous escape from the world. We took Joseph up there one evening and got completely drenched in a rainstorm but also got to see the best rainbow I have ever seen.

What with his brightly coloured dream coat and this stonker of a rainbow, I wonder what it portends for the future life of little Joseph, one lived in technicolour maybe, who knows? It's so funny to think that this tiny babe in arms will grow up to be independent and live his own life the way he so chooses.

Have a wonderful week everyone xx