All things house related are moving slowly forward and, since the house and my expanding tummy are really the only things going on in my life at the moment, here's a snap that encapsulates both those things!

First off we have painted the floor upstairs, it was a saga that required three changes of colour (how hard can white floor paint be??) Anyway, we got there in the end and soon we can start moving in the furniture upstairs, that will be a big moment. 

It looks a bit green in this photo and the floor is wet which is why it looks so shiny!

As for downstairs, great things are happening. We finally got our planning permission so the side return has begun, hurrah, not much to show for it but walls are slowly going up and others are coming down - which is exactly what ought to be happening!

Above is said extension in it's primary stages and a little pic of me having gorged myself on paint at yet another Fired Earth paint sale. This time I bought lots of bright eggshell colours so I can buy old furniture and paint them bright colours.

But most of my attention of late has been focussed on the colour schemes downstairs. We have a beautiful light front room and quite a dark back sitting room which are now connected by some bifold doors I picked up at an antiques market.

Beautiful light room with south facing windows.

Dark north facing room, with doors soon to lead on to the new kitchen (so less light will get through)

Beautiful antique bifold doors I picked up for a song.

Here I am trying to work out how to make loads of colours work together in our double sitting room. We've got a blue/green sofa and pink Moroccan tiles on the fireplace. I think Ive got a colour scheme that works. It involves dark blue walls to go with the pink tiles and green walls in the other room with pink bifold doors!! Hardly subtle I know but I can't resist all the yummy paints.

This is our work station set up in my sister's old bedroom at our new dining table. I spend a lot time tinkering on things here.

Lastly our garden. It's a big deal starting from scratch and since we intend to stay in the house for a very long time, I want to get it right. This is what it looks like currently...

and this is what I want it to look like eventually!

And yes, a little summerhouse/shed is going to feature heavily in my garden design - just not is such a twee way as above.

So there you go, a little update on Burns Road progress, have a good week one and all. I have one week more of work and then maternity leave for one whole year - apart from chairs that is, but I don't really consider the chairs work!


Spring time babies

Gosh, isn't this weather stupendous, it's actually not raining, I can't believe it, and it's warm and sunny. How fabulous!I have celebrated by washing all the baby clothes me and my Ma brought at the local nearly new sale, don't they look sweet blowing in the breeze?

My Mum had five children and I am the second eldest so it was a real feature of my child hood seeing baby clothes and nappies hanging on the line!

I really miss not having my own garden at this time of year. What with all the bulbs putting up their shoots and the flower pots in bloom it puts me in mind of our old garden which I showered with so much love and attention. Everything will be beginning to pop it's head up now, I hope the new owners appreciate what an amazing little corner of peace and quiet it is.

I can see where I get my gardening style from though, my mum and dad's is a carbon copy of what I do. It's a real lesson though of what you put in, you get out. Having done none of the hard work, as much as I appreciate how pretty it all is, I can't get as much enjoyment out of it as when I've toiled away for hours planting bulbs on a damp november day.

What I do love, is the large pond in our back garden. I know copulating frogs are not everyone's favourite sight, but I just love it. At this time of year, when you come out in the back garden, the first thing you hear are lots of low croaks and then, as you get nearer the pond, lots of plopping as amorous frogs and toads try to hide from you whilst not letting go of their chosen partner.

So it looks like we will definitely be having the baby (due in six weeks) whilst still living with my parents. Although our house is looking great, progress is slow, so we have resigned ourselves to a couple more months of home cooking and someone else cleaning the bathroom (it's definitely not all bad).

We're heading over to the house tomorrow so if there are any big changes, I shall post some pics. I've spent the rest of the weekend writing school reports, which need to be done before I go on maternity leave, mega yawn!I've actually been holed up listening to some disco classics. My mission is to get the babe to love music pre birth so have been playing old faves and new hits in a bid to get the foetus's groove on. I've happened upon this absolute beaut of a track by Indiana, remixed by Joe Goddard - Solo Dancing. With the sun shining through the window, the babe wiggling in my tummy and this blasting out on the speakers I am very happy - until my dad comes in and tells me to turn the music down. I can't get over how teenage my life is at the mo!