A lovely 1950's tub chair, upholstered in 100% linen (Designers Guild), perfect for those orange lovers out there (of which I am one). It has lovely walnut legs and curve to the back which is very elegant. £390

I'll leave you with some pictures of the house and where we're up to. It's been almost a week since I was last there and sometimes great strides have been made and other times I'm not really sure what everyone has been doing all week!

Anyway, it's taking shape. The walls upstairs are all plastered and the floors sanded. The windows are in and they are nearly at the stage when they can start painting, woo-hoo.

We've been buying up old Victorian cupboard doors to make cupboards in the alcoves upstairs which I'm really excited about. Our wonderful builder, Antoni, has said that he will fit them (build the whole frame) for no extra cost. Amazing.

And the new wooden windows throughout are completely transformative, (lots of) money well spent!

The downstairs is not in quite such an advanced state but the walls in the front room are plastered and, joy of joys, they have fitted our new fireplace. This fireplace has been a bit of a saga, not one of our finest eBay buys. The moral of eBay is don't buy something unless you know something about what you're buying. Nick and I were completely clueless about fireplaces, and as a result bought a bit of a dud and then had to fork out another £300 to get an insert that worked! Ah well, it looks ace in.

And here I am, Lady Muck, lording it over her manor. A very large Lady Muck, I am expanding by the day!

Enjoy the weekend, it's tipping it down out side, plus ca change, so maybe a weekend for sitting in a pub drinking Bloody Virgin Mary's and reading magazines!