Ta da, new chairs!

Wow, what a cracker and this chair is soooo comfortable, you can snuggle right up in it! It's German made from 1960's with chubby teak legs and a gorgeously padded body. It has been recovered using Irish linen on the reverse and a very cool geometric print in a sky blue by Romo; £530

Another stunning chair, this one is Danish and is made of rosewood and is a boootiful shape. The joins and quality of the wood are exquisite. I have covered it in a simple light blue/grey twill which allows the chair's simple elegance shine through; £550

This is a lovely 50's tub chair which I've yet to recover but is a lovely shape and very comfy again. I'm pondering as to whether to keep this one as a nursing chair as it would go very well in the bubbas room as is! 

And last but not least, a lovely Italian 1950's chair on spindly metal legs with lovely scroll arms, tres elegant! £420

Let me know if you would like any more information about any of the chairs above. Have a great week everyone :)