Venice x2

Above is a bit of a visual love letter to Venice, the most magnificent city in Europe. We went there for the first time last February and loved it so much we went back again the same year. Twice in one year may sound like over kill, but we had just as good a holiday the second time round as we did the first. Where as the first was characterised by an excess of red wine, this holiday was characterised by an absence of red wine and an excess of sea food (and pasta, and risotto, and gnocchi, and pizza.... the list goes on - you get the picture!)

Where as last time we went we were mainly too sozzled but to do anything but lounge around central Venice, this time we managed to get out and see some of the more far flung sites. The pictures above are of one if the islands in the lagoon called Burano. It's famed for it's pretty little multicoloured houses as well as it's lace production. We, however, chose it for it's sumptuous looking restaurant where we devoured the best risotto I have ever had.

The trip back across the lagoon was very atmospheric in the twilight, I would love to visit Venice in the summer but it sure is eery in the winter.

We rounded off the trip with a trip to the historic Teatro al Fenice to see a ballet. We had a box and felt dead grown up, unfortunately our lack of Italiano meant we had failed to understand that this was a modern interpretation of Tchaikovsky's Onegin performed by a Russian ballet company and set in the 1990's - cue lots of modern dance and electric guitar music. Not quite what we were after but and amazing building none the less! 

I'll leave you with this pic of Nick in the foyer to our hotel, a medieval villa with it's own carved marble staircase entrance. The other is a picture of the canal we were staying on, what a place!

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have a really restful and happy christmas and new year.

Mary x