The Communist

Hi y'all, a little ode to the lovely 1950's communist chair, a very comfy, very versatile and very stylish seat. I have three done up at the moment, all in differing shades of turquoise/green and they look delightful put together. Feast your eyes on these!

The new chair is the turquoise velvet one with the stripy grey and white linen back. It's a very nice chair and the wood on the legs is in excellent condition and both fabrics are by Designers Guild.

Turquoise communist chair upholstered in Designers Guild velvet on the inside and a linen white and grey stripe on the reverse: £200

Right, I am off to Venice for a little holiday in about five hours time so I will bombard you with beautiful holiday snaps when I get back. Have a great week and good luck with all the present buying and festive celebrations xx