A little while ago I went on a buying frenzy of little 50's foot stools, I love the little brass feet and the chunky body! They've been hanging around for a little while gathering dust on their faux leather upholstery. Anyhow, I thought now a good time to recover them as they would make brilliant christmas presents. 

I have gone for deliberately bright colours as, in my opinion, a stool in a beige or grey would fade into the back ground and become a tripable health hazard! With that in mind, these two beauties below are eye catchingly and decadently bright. However, even those who are nervous about decorating with colour should feel calmed by the fact that these stools are small and will need a much needed zing to an otherwise neutral room.

 1950's circular stool with painted wooden legs and brass feet, recovered in Designers Guild geometric cotton velvet: £110 (w40cm x h33cm)

1950's circular stool with painted wooden legs and brass feet, recovered in a Designers Guild turquoise retro fabric: £110 (w40cm x h37cm)

And lastly (not a stool) a lovely 1950's communist chair in Designers Guild cotton velvet on the front and a Designers Guild woollen checked cloth on reverse. The legs are a well worn teak wood and the chair would be suitable as both a desk and dining chair or a lovely little corner chair; £200 (h78cm x w45cm x d45cm)

Right, that's all folks. Just to say that the builders start work on our new pad tomorrow, just doing boring (but essential) things like fixing the roof and sorting out the plumbing and electrics, but still an exciting step in the right direction. I'll leave you a little pic of our new bedroom bathed in sunshine yesterday.