New house - new chairs

It's been one of those weeks where I feel I have barely come up for breath, one of those times where you wonder why life is so busy all the time and wouldn't it be nice to move to the countryside and immerse yourself in nature/ become a hermit and get away from it all. 

In the absence of a country retreat we headed to The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, which really is about as good as you're going to get for us city bound Londoners. Not only is there the incredible Victorian palm houses but the tree top walk was pretty impressive and an added bonus was we got to hang out with our "odd" daughter, Cecily for the day (see below for a picture of her and her pa in matching hats).

I've also been busy getting some new chairs up and running, they're not finished yet, but here are a couple which are coming on nicely.

I had to include a close up of the wood on the floating arm rest chair above because, a) it's beautiful wood and b) it took a lot of hard work to get the horrid varnish off which was there to start with!

The chair above is a 1950's box chair in my favourite Designers Guild floral pattern and a chunky weave on the arms. I'm having to leave this for a little while as it needed a bit of clamping to get it all back together. 

I'll put up photos of both when they're done but I haven't worked out yet where to shoot them. Now I'm back with my parents I've lost my photo corner and will be without for at least another four months, mmm!

And lastly, I wanted to put up some pictures of this pair of Danish teak arm chairs which I just bought. They are absolutely beautiful pieces in fantastic condition. Before I cover them, I wanted to allow people the opportunity to buy them as a pair and choose what fabrics they want. 

Pair of 1950's Danish teak armchairs, £1200 for the pair (fully upholstered, including fabric)

My only other news, and it's pretty big, is that we completed on our new house today and we now have the front door keys in our possession, how exciting! Unfortunately the electricity has been switched off so by the time we got the keys it was too dark to visit our pride and joy. Once we've finally got in I will bombard you with pictures of the beautiful red swirly carpets and the corrugated iron shed in the back garden, and then you can gasp at the transformation that befalls it in the next six months!

Have a lovely weekend x