Sale!!! (and some lovely junk)

I headed off to my favourite junk market bright and early this morn on the look out for bits and bobs for the new house. A bit early, considering we won't move in for another four months, but it's not often I have the freedom to go so i thought I'd pop along.

It was a beautiful morning and not a sign of St Jude to be seen, all the leaves were still on the trees and Surrey seemed to be largely un touched. The only prob was that all the European traders hadn't made it over because of ferry cancelations so there wasn't the usual lovely Belgium and French gubbins, ah well, there were less punters there too so that made up for it.

As you can see it's an eclectic array of junk really. Lot's of tat mixed with some industrial loveliness and the odd antique gem. I managed to pick up a couple of oil paintings which will bring some gravity to the new pad and lovely marble topped Italian bistro table - all for under £100. Not bad for a mornings work pleasure.

I am also having a  small sale to clear the way for a few new pieces. First up is this little pink, communist chair. A 1940's East german original, it is very well made and extremely comfy. It has been upholstered in Designers Guild embroidered floral linen (click on link to see more info on this fabric) on the reverse. There is a lovely pink felt wool on the front. Was £200 now £170.

Also on sale is this 1950's club chair, again upholstered in Designers Guild linen weave on the front in oatmeal and a gorgeous celadon and oatmeal linen on the reverse and sides. The chair is exceptionally well made with hand sprung seat and lovely wooden legs. Was £425 now £390.

And last but not least, this little 1960's G Plan stool. Upholstered again in a Designers Guild retro pink flecky fabric with black felt buttons. In pristine condition, was £125, now £90.

Let me know if you're interested in any of the above by getting in touch with me, Mary, at hickeyanddobson@gmail.com or 07771988961.

PS if any of you were affected by St Jude, then hopefully operation clean up is well underway and you are all safe and well.