New addition

I don't feel like I've done very many interesting things recently and haven't had much inspiring stuff to blog about. Not only have we sold our flat and moved back in with my Mum and Dad (a temporary arrangement I can assure you), I'm also very excited to say that I am pregnant, with a little baby expected at the end of April :) We're both so excited and now I'm finally starting to feel less sick and a little bit less like I want to curl up under every table/desk/bench I can find and go to sleep, I might actually start doing some blog-worthy stuff again. 

The first scan is the most incredible thing. We could see the baby crossing and un-crossing it's legs, waving it's hands and wriggling around, it looks so sweet already. I'm taking part in some research at the hospital as well so I get to have four extra scans, yey, I could stare at it all day.

Communist chair with arms: Upholstered in celadon velvet and natural weave £280

Other than the all exciting baby news, I have also got a new chair finished. I've had this chair for months and was trying to work out what fabric would look good on it. It's such an amazing shape that I wanted to do it justice. So here you are; a communist chair with floating arms, a one off as far as I'm aware!

Other than that, all there is left for me to say is bye bye Kensal Rise. We have so many happy memories of our little flat and we're going to miss our garden big time (and the amazing views and privacy - amazing in London), but with a bubba on the way it's time to move on. Plus, we really want a house, so hello Harlesden. A slightly less des-res location and to say it needs a lot of work is an understatement, but still, I can't wait for the project, even if I'm waddling round the size of a hippo as I do the DIY. I think I might expand the blog and document some of the (hopefully) dramatic changes that will take place in our new house. Anyway, that's all to come, we haven't even exchanged yet so fingers and toes crossed that all goes without a hitch and meanwhile I will enjoy being looked after by my Ma and Pa.

Have a good week everyone xx