New gear

There's a reason I've been pretty quiet recently and that reason is moving house! Packing up your worldly belongings and storing them away in boxes is one of my least favourite jobs. We're not moving into our new place for at least three months so we are having to decide what we are going to need over the winter and what goes into storage, harder than it sounds. Anyway the one benefit is that the flat is now empty so taking pictures doesn't mean hulking furniture around anymore (although the photos aren't so good because I'm still without my SLR and lookinfg at them the floor is FILTHY). Anyways, here goes!

1940's dark oak rocking chair in Designers Guild dusky blue linen: £510

1940's cocktail chair in Designers Guild linen with dark wood legs: £390

1950's Danish lounge chair in Designers Guild 100% cotton velvet in dark grey with a teak frame: £499

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to come for  a sit down.