A few more chairs, phew I'm on a roll!

Above is a lovely 1950's club chair, recovered in a Designers Guild striped oatmeal and celadon linen and a plain oatmeal on the inside. It is an unusual shape and very well made (pretty heavy). Yours for the princely sum of £395.

The second chair is an absolute gem of a communist chair upholstered in two Designers Guild linens, one of which is the gorgeous Seraphina linen. Yum. This is only available at the Perching Post in Barnes and costs £250.

On to other business, we headed across to Suffolk for the weekend for our lovely friends Siew and Henry's matrimonials  They got married in a place called Snape Maltings, home of Benjamin Britten.

What an incredible place, a series of waterways and reed beds swaying gently in the wind with Hepworth and Moore sculptures dotted around, what a place!

Then on to a Georgian rectory for the reception, full marks for gorgeous English locations and beautiful backdrops. And below, the happy couple, not bad looking themselves!

There was an amazing swing band and as we snuck off to bed (leaving early due to the sheer exhaustion of my first week back teaching after the summer holidays) we could hear jazz drifting across the garden. The night sky was littered with twinkling stars and the sound of people laughing carried across the wind. It was a magical moment of true English style and heritage, I wanted to put it in a bottle and keep it.

Next morning after a very lazy lie in we headed to a place called Southwold. A friend of mine used to go there every summer as we were growing up and I had in my mind that it was a bastion of English sea side style and elegance. Well, it was true English sea side style - just not quite the type I was looking for. Nick loved the amusement arcade on the pier where there was definite evidence of a misspent youth. I loved the multi coloured beach huts, although I have to say, even a beach hut was not going to keep you warm on Southwold Beach today, this is the North Sea people. I think Victorian holidaymakers were made of sterner stuff than we are today.

That brings me to the end of my weekly round up, get in touch if you would like to know ore about either of the chairs or any other queries. Have a wonderful week :)