Still no chairs..

Still no chairs, I'm afraid. I have just been too busy enjoying the summer and now my stock is dwindling very low indeed - oops. I'm back in England now though so I can get my head down to some dedicated stapling and tapping.

First though, some pictures of Espana from whence I have just returned after an extremely relaxing week with friends in blissful sunshine.

We whiled away many a happy hour doing dance offs by the pool, usually won by Jackson (aka little guy in green shorts), feeding Rucio the donkey who would lean over the poolside fence demanding attention/food and singing along to the supremely talented Mr Hanney on the guitar.

And much to my great surprise it turned out to be a pretty active holiday, spurred on by some very fit friends (not to mention the industrial quantities of bread, cheese and salami) we went for lots of group runs around the farm. Let me tell you one thing; this is a very hilly area, some might say mountainous, so in fact we were hill running. Something I never thought I would do.

The whole experience is only made bearable by the beautiful pools littered down the mountainside, where snow melt from the mountains collects in stunning natural pools. Not only beautiful but highly refreshing.

So, in a nutshell that was my holiday in Spain; a beautiful sun soaked, muscle burning, bbq eating, belly laughing sing along. What fun, thanks everyone!

Oh yes... and I really do promise, more chairs VERY soon.