So much to talk about..

.. this is going to be a bit of a mega post, since I finally have some new chairs to write about and I've been on a beautiful road trip round the west country.

First up, the chairs(please excuse my photos, my trusty SLR packed up on the first day of holidays and i need to get it fixed so for now I am reduced to the Iphone, grrr)

 1950's cocktail chair in grey/ brown cotton mix from Romo on inside and a Deigners Guild yellow and brown heavy ticking on the reverse: £410

1940's Communist chair in a duck egg blue linen on the inside and a duck egg check linen on the reverse. Both fabrics are by Designers Guild. An unusual chair due the hole in the back rest. £210
1940's Communist chair in a plain pink felt on the front and a gorgeous white embroidered linen by Designers Guild on the reverse: £200

All three chairs above will be available to sit on and have a good try out at Hutch on the Golborne Road. Please pop down and see them if you're interested. Hutch has exclusivity on these pieces for the next ten days and then you will be able to buy them directly through my website.

We started off our trip with a visit to Hereford to see Nick's parents. We only had a day there and since the weather was pretty good we headed to a near by National Trust house, Berrington Hall, to take in the Capability Brown landscape and the beautiful gardens.

I love all these old buildings that hold so much of our heritage. Having been dragged round countless National Trust properties as a nipper (and loathing it as a teen)I've now done a full circle and am back to my child like state of being gobsmacked by the gardens and flowers. 

Having bid a sad farewell to Nick's parents (and with our cool box much replenished) we headed for the west country via Wales. We wound our way through the most beautiful countryside and ended up in the little village of Tintern to see the ruined medieval Abbey.

What a incredible place, just so much history it almost makes shivers run down your spine, and in the middle of a wooded valley - it's pretty magical!

And so, back on the road, heading to our final resting place - a little field right on the Camel Estuary. Our friend Suzy's parents have a farm down there and had kindly said we could camp in their field. This was wild camping at it's best, no-one around, right on the water's edge, bird life galore, a full moon and beautiful sunshine to boot. Incredible.

I even got a visit from my god son, Wilf, who was staying on his grandparents farm round the corner. He had proved himself a little untrustworthy over the last few days and Suzy had now resorted to putting him on a lead to try and contend with Wilf's indifference to the danger of falling from a great height. His sister Daisy LOVED the lead idea, Wilf, not so much!

And so, as the rain closed in, we packed up our perfect little camping spot and headed to the rather more luxurious Porth-en-alls estate on the very western tip of the UK, beyond Penzance. My family rent out a house there every August and Pedders and friends descend en mass for some of the best and most beautiful sea side fun you will ever have.

Not only is the coast very beautiful (as it is in most of Cornwall) there are hidden beaches with rocks just made to be jumped off. The real joy of the place is that unless you are staying in one of the houses, you have to walk about two miles from the public car park, which means that they really are pretty empty, even on a bank holiday weekend, amazing.

We did our annual walk across the cliffs to Porthleven to have lunch at the Ship Inn, to our horror the menu had changed for the first time in twenty years, and crab thermidore was no longer an option!!! Still, we drowned our sorrows with pints of the local cider and ale.

What was also fab about this trip was that Nick and I were given the double bedroom as my dad wasn't arriving till after the weekend when we would be gone. The house was used in the film, Ladies in Lavender and is very beautiful. It's been decorated simply but beautifully and this room has a view straight out over the sea, incredible. We also got our favourite furry friend on our bed each night. He loves Cornwall so much, all his family are there, he's free to roam and there are rabbits to chase. It's very sweet, he get's completely over stimulated and then has dreams all night long where he whimpers and twitches at the end of the bed, dreaming he's chasing rabbits I think. All too much excitement for a little terrier really.

And so we had to kiss goodbye to Cornwall and head back to London to try and deal with mortgage and moving house things, boring! Ah well, what a summer we have had. It does feel like it's all coming to end now. I'm back to school on Monday and I definitely have a back to school feel, despite this glorious weather. Ah well, I shall enjoy my last few days of freedom.

Mary x


Still no chairs..

Still no chairs, I'm afraid. I have just been too busy enjoying the summer and now my stock is dwindling very low indeed - oops. I'm back in England now though so I can get my head down to some dedicated stapling and tapping.

First though, some pictures of Espana from whence I have just returned after an extremely relaxing week with friends in blissful sunshine.

We whiled away many a happy hour doing dance offs by the pool, usually won by Jackson (aka little guy in green shorts), feeding Rucio the donkey who would lean over the poolside fence demanding attention/food and singing along to the supremely talented Mr Hanney on the guitar.

And much to my great surprise it turned out to be a pretty active holiday, spurred on by some very fit friends (not to mention the industrial quantities of bread, cheese and salami) we went for lots of group runs around the farm. Let me tell you one thing; this is a very hilly area, some might say mountainous, so in fact we were hill running. Something I never thought I would do.

The whole experience is only made bearable by the beautiful pools littered down the mountainside, where snow melt from the mountains collects in stunning natural pools. Not only beautiful but highly refreshing.

So, in a nutshell that was my holiday in Spain; a beautiful sun soaked, muscle burning, bbq eating, belly laughing sing along. What fun, thanks everyone!

Oh yes... and I really do promise, more chairs VERY soon.


Scones and frogs

Life has been preety good to us recently, Nick has handed in is thesis which means I have my husband back and he managed to land himself his perfect job. So all in all there has been much to celebrate, which we have done in true British style by quaffing bubbly and stuffing scones and cream.

Our good friends Nancy, Henry and their daughter Cecily Bee helped us with the celebrations and we were able to introduce Cecily to our resident frogs (the froglets are all grown up now!)

Which brings me on to my next bit of exciting news; we have accepted an offer on our flat and are moving at the end of September.. gulp! We are really sad to be leaving as we love our little home and particularly the garden, but we had an offer we couldn't refuse and with that money we can buy a little house, an idea that a few years ago seemed completely beyond me. 

So effectively, we are swapping the rather fetching shed and surrounding garden above for the slightly less appealing shack below. The garden is completely over run by an enormous vine adorned by luscious bunches of grapes, it sounds nice but the vine is EVERYWHERE. 

We haven't had an offer accepted on the new house yet, so I am getting a bit ahead of myself here, but it's so fun dreaming. The house we have set our hearts on is a real wreck which, although a bit daunting, is exactly what we are after. Fingers crossed.

Other than getting very excited by potential house moves, we have done a fair bit of chilling out in the local area since the dreaded thesis has been handed in, lots of evening strolls and Italian food - my kind of summer activities. 

I did venture out of Kensal Rise last thursday when thermometers topped 30 degrees and headed to Tooting Lido to cool off with a couple of buddies, the two Sarahs. We spent a very happy afternoon lounging around people watching - lidos are great for people watching.

And we are counting down till holiday time, only a week till we fly out to Spain for some good ol' Spanish siesta time. It's going to be our one year anniversary too so all in all, a special holiday. 

Oh and i'm working on a  couple of chairs which I will hopefully be able to showcase at some point this week. 

Have a great week everyone x