Summer time

First up chair news, two newbies on the block.

A gorgeous 1950's cocktail chair in a lovely floral linen from the beautiful Cloth Shop on Portobello Road; £380

And secondly a REALLY amazing 1950's communist chair in an ombre Designers Guild linen, which goes from a lovely lime/yellow colour to white; £170

And so, on to other news: for me, happiness is a field in Somerset, namely Glastonbury festival. I won't bore on about it, but it's fair to say that it is a truly extraordinary place. The creativity and individuality on display is remarkable and the task of organising such a giant and multi layered event is monumental.

Pilton Valley has a feel just of it's own, where everyone smiles more, nature looks more beautiful, people are more creative and music sounds better. This year we stayed away from the main stages and spent our time in the Green Fields and Circus area and later on in the after hours zones, Block 9 and Shangri La. The pictures below show some of the sets that had been designed to create the different worlds to wander through. The attention to detail and the imagination and commitment involved is mind boggling.

Teaching on Monday morning was a bit of a shock to the system to say the least, as was parents evening on Tuesday... thank goodness I had a tan to cover the very large bags under my eyes, in fact a number of parents commented on how well I looked. If I hadn't felt so blahdy awful I might have seen the funny side in this. 

Anyhow, I sought refuge in my lovely garden, which didn't disappoint; the tadpoles had all of a sudden transformed into froglets and they are so cute. They like to chill out (literally)under a broken terracotta pot on the top of the ramp we provided for easy access in and out of the water. They are the best loved froglets in Kensal Rise.
Not only froglets, the bees have been going crazy with all the flowers in the garden at the moment. They particularly like the foxgloves; they get stuck in their trumpets making a rather satisfyingly fat buzzy sound all over the garden.

And so to bed and the end of the most lovely hot weekend I can remember, hot summer weekends in England are pretty unbeatable. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine people xx