New chair

Just a quicky peeps, here is an absolutely gorgeous 1950's Danish lounge chair, covered in Designers Guild lush 100% cotton velvet in slate. The patina on the wood is stunning and altogether it's a pretty amazing chair. If you would like to buy it, it's available for £495 directly from me, but only for a short period and then it will be on sale exclusively at Hutch Interiors on the Golborne Road. 

Also, further reductions on the following chairs:

1950's box arm chair: £550 now £400

1950's Communist chair: £200 now £140

 1950's Communist chair: £200 now £140

                     1950's Communist chair: £200 now £140


A cabin in the woods (and some new chairs)

As London finally got the summer we have all been dreaming about, I promptly boarded a flight bound for the USA, Washington DC, where the weather is so hot and steamy you skulk from one air conditioned building to the next. My very dear friends, Harry and Chris, moved out there in April and it was snowing the day they arrived. Snowing I tell you, roll on four months and it's topping 40 degrees on a weekly basis, the mind boggles how anything can adapt in such extremes

Anyhow, they have a lovely big house with a big verandah over looking their back yard and tropical plants wilting growing in the steamy weather. This front deck belonged to one of their neighbours and had beautiful hibiscus' and ferns, what a horticultural inspiration.

But really, enough about hot weather and flora. The star attraction of the holiday, in fact the whole reason for the trip, was the little lady having a nap above, Miss Ella Ferguson - what a sweetie pie. At ten week's old she can smile, hold her head up on her own, grab your finger and do a lot of pooping. In fact her whole life revolved around a very simple routine of eat, sleep, poop, repeat. 

She had me wrapped round her little finger from the moment I met her and Harry and I had a very happy time pottering round Washington with Ella. 

We went to the Lincoln Memorial, which was very impressive, apart from the fact that all the canada geese pooed along the edge of the reflecting pool. Having to dodge goose poo is very distracting when marvelling at the enormity of what Abe Lincoln achieved.

We went to the Smithsonian and National Portrait Galleries and gawped at master pieces and learnt a lot about American history.

And we went to a big, old house with the most amazing gardens, called Dumbarton Oaks. It's a bit like Kew Gardens, except there was apparently only one other person visiting when I was there. It had amazing flowers and trees as well chipmunks and the biggest frogs I have ever seen.

And we went out for dinner in some of the groovy eateries around 11th Street, where they live. The sleeping babe came too and snoozed away in her pram. They made the whole parenthood thing look very easy.

And then the air con in the house packed up and everyone got a little hot and bothered and so we decided to decamp, up state to Pennsylvania to a little cabin in the woods buy Lake Pocono. We found it last minute on Craigs List (US version of Gumtree) and we had no idea what it was going to be like. 

What a place! The house looked down through woods to the lake, where we had our own canoe and use of jetty to jump in the water off. And the whole place was so quiet it was almost disconcerting. It was also much, much cooler than Washington which was a big relief.

And so began our holiday within a holiday. We spent our time eating (lots of eating), paddling around in the lake and cooing over Ella.

Ella loved her first holiday and very much enjoyed all the attention.

One thing she was not so sure about was her first swim! The idea was mooted based on the fact that she clearly adores bath time; turns out a big lake is not so appealing.

Look at that little face (and I don't mean Chris's!)

It was a really wonderful holiday and now I'm home I miss them all very much, especially little Ella. Who knew a baby could have such a lot of character having been in the world only ten weeks!!

And lastly (I should have probably put this at the beginning)two new chairs. The lovely little 1940's cocktail above. Upholstered in gorgeous floral linen from the amazing Cloth Shop on Portobello and available for £390.

And this white and lime ombre 1950's Communist chair, upholstered in Designers Guild linen and available for £190.


Sale time

Yes indeedy, you heard me right: it is sale time at H&D!! All of the pieces below are reduced and currently available on my shop, so please take  a look if you fancy a swag new chair for your home.

 1950's box arm chair: £535 now £470

  1950's box arm chair: £535 now £470

 1940's cocktail chair: £380 now £340
  1940's East German Communist chair: £200 now £170
  1940's East German Communist chair: £200 now £170

I need to clear some stock as I really want to get cracking on some new pieces, I've picked up a couple of beautiful new chairs and have some very cool fabric to go on them.

In other news, I'm off on holiday tomorrow to visit two of my best friends and their brand new baby, Ella (who i'm God Mum to) in Washington DC, I am sooooo excited. I lived with Harry for years and after we both got married, she still lived just round the corner, so having not seen her for about five months feels like forever. I am planning on lots of alfresco dining, outdoor swimming, trips to the sea side and much eating of delicious (and large portioned) American food. I've only been to America once and I flippin' loved it so I can not wait to get my ass stateside.

Also the big news is that we are going to sell our beautiful garden flat as we really want to buy a little house (so grown up). I thought I might put it up here just to see if anyone knew anyone who was interested and then we could cut out the estate agents, he he. So here are the details, get in touch if you would like more information.

2 bed garden flat on Bathurst Gardens, Kensal Rise (College Road end)
2x double bedrooms
1x bathroom
kitchen into sitting room at the back
garden shed
south facing garden with patio by the house and decking at the end

Slightly random photos below, but it will give you an idea.

Enjoy this heatwave and I'll probably be in touch again post the US of A. Have fun everyone, summer's officially here! xx


Summer time

First up chair news, two newbies on the block.

A gorgeous 1950's cocktail chair in a lovely floral linen from the beautiful Cloth Shop on Portobello Road; £380

And secondly a REALLY amazing 1950's communist chair in an ombre Designers Guild linen, which goes from a lovely lime/yellow colour to white; £170

And so, on to other news: for me, happiness is a field in Somerset, namely Glastonbury festival. I won't bore on about it, but it's fair to say that it is a truly extraordinary place. The creativity and individuality on display is remarkable and the task of organising such a giant and multi layered event is monumental.

Pilton Valley has a feel just of it's own, where everyone smiles more, nature looks more beautiful, people are more creative and music sounds better. This year we stayed away from the main stages and spent our time in the Green Fields and Circus area and later on in the after hours zones, Block 9 and Shangri La. The pictures below show some of the sets that had been designed to create the different worlds to wander through. The attention to detail and the imagination and commitment involved is mind boggling.

Teaching on Monday morning was a bit of a shock to the system to say the least, as was parents evening on Tuesday... thank goodness I had a tan to cover the very large bags under my eyes, in fact a number of parents commented on how well I looked. If I hadn't felt so blahdy awful I might have seen the funny side in this. 

Anyhow, I sought refuge in my lovely garden, which didn't disappoint; the tadpoles had all of a sudden transformed into froglets and they are so cute. They like to chill out (literally)under a broken terracotta pot on the top of the ramp we provided for easy access in and out of the water. They are the best loved froglets in Kensal Rise.
Not only froglets, the bees have been going crazy with all the flowers in the garden at the moment. They particularly like the foxgloves; they get stuck in their trumpets making a rather satisfyingly fat buzzy sound all over the garden.

And so to bed and the end of the most lovely hot weekend I can remember, hot summer weekends in England are pretty unbeatable. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine people xx