Chicken run

I went to our farm in Spain this week for the first time since I got married there last summer. I think I've yabbered on about how beautiful it is before, but I shan't feel curtailed in saying how out of this world lovely it is again. It was quite funny being back out there, some of the "wedding" signs are still nailed to trees on the way up to the camp site where we got married. Various villagers clapped me on the back and babbled away incoherently,  reminding me of how over one hundred London folk descended on this sleepy village causing varying degrees of mayhem.

This trip was an entirely different affair being just me, my sister and my mum and dad - not forgetting Iggy the dog, Rucio the donkey and some chickens. 

Rucio was a highlight, he follows you round the farm and is prone to creeping up behind you and giving you a bit of a head butt when he wants attention. We're worried he's lonely so sheep are next on the list of farmyard animals to arrive at Hacienda de Gredos.

The chickens are not such a happy story, they have a very lovely hen house built in the old sheep enclosure with one half being a chicken coup and the other an outdoor run around area - the feng shui is gorgeous.  It's just a shame that each day another hen gets picked off by an unknown assailant (we think stoat or weasel). It's like some Agatha Christie novel where each day another character is murdered. Poor hens. Perhaps now we need to get something to guard the hens!

Iggy was absolutely no good as a guard dog, here he is standing on top of the hen house inciting violence by constantly yapping at the flustered chickens and once actually killing one himself. It was a total disaster.

So back to happier news, the views were still incredible, the veggie patch is coming on a treat and the dream of being self sufficient (at least by way of fruit and veg - no eggs yet!) is shaping up nicely. When I say self sufficient I am excluding ham, cheese and red wine from the list - these can not be home made and nothing can compare with the village salchicon and manchego - it is super.

So, although you wouldn't think so from the pictures the weather was not that hot with some pretty rainy days, I was aghast, rain in Spain, in June!!! Anyway, we kept ourselves busy with a day trip to Toledo. Amazing place with an amazing cathedral.

So that was my holiday to Spain, no chair news to speak of at all. I'm now feeling totally rejuvenated and the sun's out so I have no excuses for not hitting the ground running and getting stuck in to some heavy duty upholstering. Watch this space.