Exciting times

There are two very exciting things happening in Hickey and Dobson land at the moment. First up I think I mentioned last week, I am going to open a little pop up shop at Hutch on the Golborne Road. There is a room in the basement of the shop which is currently not being used and the lovely Georgia has asked if I would like to take it over for a little while as a sort of H&D show room. Of course the answer is a big fat YES! The space is actually pretty cool with a window that looks on to a little courtyard. I could spend a fortune on flowers and pots etc and make it look utterly splendid, but the idea is really to make some money not blow a load!

Anyhow Nick and I have been spending our spare time painting and decorating and putting up curtain poles and generally faffing away down there (Nick = a saint, I am very lucky to have a husband who will happily give up his Saturday to paint skirting boards!)

We are going to have an opening "do" when it's looking all posh and ready to go, so watch this space for more info on that.

And now on to the second v exciting development which is tied in with all the super cool chair pictures above. The wonder that is Abigail Ahern would like to show case Hickey and Dobson chairs on her website (cue extreme excitement and much whooping). It will be on her Open Call section which she describes below:

I am extremely excited to announce that we are launching a segment entitled Open Call Monday’s for all designers, artists, suppliers, new, emerging and existing! With a tough economy and retailers closing down like no tomorrow its hard getting work showcased. We get approached a zillion times a day with products and its tough saying no we can’t take so I want to do something about it, by showcasing and highlighting the best. 

Abigail Ahern is an inspirational woman; she owns a gorgeous interiors shop in Islington, is the author of a number of fab interiors books and was described by the Sunday Times as being, "The woman rocking the world of interiors". On top of this she has amazing personal style, works incredibly hard and has a wonderful attitude towards helping others, a woman of both style and integrity (I shall now be rather embarrassed if she reads this!)

I wanted to get some really cool images for her to use, so on Friday I borrowed my friends Sarah and Chris' house for the day and as you can see, what a house! I had no idea the stunning paint colour would work so well as a back drop and am very pleased with the end results :)

 1950's Cocktail chair in natural linen and wool weave: £380
 1950's Communist chair in Designers Guild   linen: £170
 1950's Communist chair in Designers Guild velvet and linen: £170
195's Cocktail chair in Designers Guild natural weave: £370

1940's Danish high arm chair in Designers Guild weave £490
1950's box arm chair, in Designers Guild weave and cotton mix: £520
1950's Communist chair in Designers Guild weave: £170

As you can see there are a few new chairs as well, and I am going to do a discount on the little Communist ones. I normally sell them for £200, but for a limited time only I will be selling these little beauties for £170 on my shop.

Enjoy your week one and all x