Mid century G Plan stool in Designers Guild fabric £160

Aha, I hear you say, I've seen that stool before! Well yes, I did do one very similar recently, but this one is slightly different. It's by G plan and is a bit bigger in size. It's also got the lovely chunky G plan leg design. A classic of the 1950's/60's it looks pretty cool in the pink flecky Designers Guid fabric.

Our garden is about to explode, the fruition of my obsessive bulb buying is about to appear. There are new shoots and growing saplings wherever you look. In fact there is so much happening I really can't work out if new shoots are weeds or plants - which means that everything, weeds 'n all are getting a pretty good ride at the mo.. 

The only thing not getting a good ride are the snails which munched all my lovingly grown seedlings last year. This year I have come up with an ingenious plan, as modelled above. Chop old plastic bottles in half and pour slug pellets inside et voila, a bird friendly snail death trap. I don't like the idea of killing things at all, a friend of mine with a young child recently got very angry with her son for killing a beetle in their garden saying he had to understand that everything has the right to exist and just because we're bigger we must not abuse this. I think this is a really good lesson to teach young children, but then again, I also hate the snails which gobble my plants. It's very difficult sometimes to live by your principles!

I have one more week of work and then I shall be here in beautiful Espana, ahhhhhhh, the thought of those mountains and sunshine is utter bliss. And most importantly I shall meet Donkey for the first time!