May Day, traditionally a time of magic and music, welcoming in the summer months with flowers and dancing. All the fables and fairies of old England, not to forget the morris dancing! Well I didn't see any of that because I only left my flat twice to play tennis, such was the excitement of my bank holiday!

I had 140 school reports to write for the all the kiddos I teach art, English and other exciting things. I qualified as a primary school teacher after I left university but hadn't taught for years.  Then, when I left my full time production job to start Hickey and Dobson, I needed the financial security of a guaranteed income. It's worked out amazingly well, I forgot I love teaching (and learning) and the kids are fantastic BUT it's only a couple of days a week and I get to be my own boss and creative the rest of the time. Life's good.

So this May bank holiday, a time I traditionally like to spend indulging in a spot of wanton hedonism, was spent beavering away in front of a computer screen. In order to stay sane positive, I had carefully constructed treats at regular time intervals, highlights of which included yummy food, very competitive tennis matches and gardening, rock n' roll!

Re invigorated herb garden above.
It wasn't all bad though. The sun was out so we ate in the garden, (massive highlight), I spotted some tadpoles in the pond I built this winter (I thought they all died in the frosty weather), we put up our new garden shelves which look ace (thanks Liz and Siew, I loves them!)and I beat Nick at tennis (whoop!).

Lovely new shelves and sunken half barrel pond (home to tadpoles)
And last but not least, it's been a bumper weekend for Hickey and Dobson sales, in total I've sold five chairs this weekend and a number of the vintage bits I have for sale. Not that I'm complaining, but I really can't keep up with all the upholstery so I've decided to get someone to help me. I've known him for ages as I used to get him to upholster furniture for the shoots I used to work on, he's brilliant (way more experienced than me) so hopefully now I will be able to keep stock coming in rather than feeling like as soon as I get a nice, healthy stock level it all disappears.

Right, to bed, I have a busy week ahead of me, two days till I see my big sis! x