Blue bell woods

It may not have been ideal May time weather over the last couple of days and it certainly was not the weather I would have chosen for a three day trip to the Sussex country side chaperoning sixty 8 year olds on their first school trip away from home, but hey ho, even all of this did not detract from the down right gorgeousness of a blue bell wood in spring! Lest we forget good ol' Blighty is a very beautiful place.

But even all that loveliness didn't stop me returning with a stinking cold and feeling like I could sleep for a week. I have now put the heating back on and am in the process of working out how I can get all my Hickey and Dobson jobs done tomorrow from the safe confines of my sofa (or bed)!

And so to bed, but before I do a little nod to the clever people Kekklia for designing these indoor plant holders, plant steps and general plant accoutrements. My love of house plants is bordering on obsessive so you can imagine my pleasure at finding this company. My home may not be nearly as white (or clean) but I think I could work some plant steps in nicely and this is possibly the natural evolution for my cactus rack and hanging ivy!