Bank holiday business

A heads up west London peeps, H&D is now stocked in a great interiors and furniture shop on the Golborne Road just off Portobello, called Hutch. I went down on Friday to photograph my chair in it's window but it had been sold, so here's a picture of some of the other lovely stuff they have for sale.

And not forgetting the Perching Post on Barnes High Street, where we're also stocked and doing a roaring trade. Both shops have chairs which are exclusively sold there. I try to always have one in stock but it's not always possible.

And a couple of new pieces I've finished this week:

1950's Danish lounge chair £460
This is a stunning example of a mid century Danish lounge chair; beautiful patina to the wood and clean, handsome lines to the frame. It has been upholstered in a heavy blue and white striped weave on the front and dusky blue linen on the reverse, both fabrics by Designers Guild.

1950's Communist Chair £200
And another 1950's old GDR, East German chair. A gorgeous shape, just right for a corner chair, desk chair or even a dining chair. This has been covered in a dark green linen on the inside and a grey and white checked linen on the outside, both fabrics 100% linen by Designers Guild.

Today has been a chair day, tomorrow shall be a garden day and Monday is a report writing day (for the part time teaching I do)and so my weekend is mapped out. My big sister, Katie, arrives back from Hong Kong on Tuesday for two weeks. I haven't seen her since last summer, so all spare time will be spent hanging out  en famille, hence frantically trying to get everything done that needs to be done! Not that I mind, I've been sitting here all afternoon pottering on the 'pooter and taking photos, with the sun streaming in,  listening to classic old mix tapes I made for friends' hen do's over the years. All this topped off by a surprise visit from a very old school friend who lives in Morocco now  - what a joy it is to catch up with people you've known all your life, really made my weekend!

And so the next post will probably be endless pictures of flowers but I think I have overdosed on chair snaps this time. I had to add one of husbundo actually sitting in a chair as otherwise they do tend to look a bit like a still life study rather than what they really are; functional (but beautiful) pieces of furniture!