How much is that doggy in the window?

I found him napping in a sunny spot next to my chair today, enjoying one of the rare bursts of sunshine. What a sweet adornment to an H&D original, I was just sorry that I woke him as I came crashing into Hutch, staggering under the weight of an especially heavy arm chair - he does look a little sleepy!

1950's arm chair covered in designers Guild linen £650

I was dropping off the lovely 1950's arm chair above and the little 1950's occasional chair below - both for sale exclusively at Hutch on the Golborne Road, London W10 5NR.

1950's occasional chair upholstered in a wool and linen £250
In other chair news, I have had a bit of a pink splurge. I never really thought I liked pink having always considered my self not that girlie - but then I went and decorated my bedroom very much in a pinky way (see curtains below) and I love this pink fabric.

1940's cocktail chair upholstered in Designers Guild fabric £400

 If it doesn't sell quickly I think I might be keeping this chair, I could get used to sitting in my lovely pink bedroom on my lovely pink chair, gazing out at the never ending rain (or preferably gorgeous sunshine)

1950's Communist chair upholstered in Designers Guild £200

And last but not least, a pretty little communist chair, revamped from it's past life as a drab bit of utilitarian furniture to something special.

Have a great week everyone, I'm off to Spain at the crack of dawn tomorrow and I can't flipping wait. The forecast isn't even that great but at least I get away from this miserable rain. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions hickeyanddobson@gmail.com.

Mary x



Mid century G Plan stool in Designers Guild fabric £160

Aha, I hear you say, I've seen that stool before! Well yes, I did do one very similar recently, but this one is slightly different. It's by G plan and is a bit bigger in size. It's also got the lovely chunky G plan leg design. A classic of the 1950's/60's it looks pretty cool in the pink flecky Designers Guid fabric.

Our garden is about to explode, the fruition of my obsessive bulb buying is about to appear. There are new shoots and growing saplings wherever you look. In fact there is so much happening I really can't work out if new shoots are weeds or plants - which means that everything, weeds 'n all are getting a pretty good ride at the mo.. 

The only thing not getting a good ride are the snails which munched all my lovingly grown seedlings last year. This year I have come up with an ingenious plan, as modelled above. Chop old plastic bottles in half and pour slug pellets inside et voila, a bird friendly snail death trap. I don't like the idea of killing things at all, a friend of mine with a young child recently got very angry with her son for killing a beetle in their garden saying he had to understand that everything has the right to exist and just because we're bigger we must not abuse this. I think this is a really good lesson to teach young children, but then again, I also hate the snails which gobble my plants. It's very difficult sometimes to live by your principles!

I have one more week of work and then I shall be here in beautiful Espana, ahhhhhhh, the thought of those mountains and sunshine is utter bliss. And most importantly I shall meet Donkey for the first time!


Blue bell woods

It may not have been ideal May time weather over the last couple of days and it certainly was not the weather I would have chosen for a three day trip to the Sussex country side chaperoning sixty 8 year olds on their first school trip away from home, but hey ho, even all of this did not detract from the down right gorgeousness of a blue bell wood in spring! Lest we forget good ol' Blighty is a very beautiful place.

But even all that loveliness didn't stop me returning with a stinking cold and feeling like I could sleep for a week. I have now put the heating back on and am in the process of working out how I can get all my Hickey and Dobson jobs done tomorrow from the safe confines of my sofa (or bed)!

And so to bed, but before I do a little nod to the clever people Kekklia for designing these indoor plant holders, plant steps and general plant accoutrements. My love of house plants is bordering on obsessive so you can imagine my pleasure at finding this company. My home may not be nearly as white (or clean) but I think I could work some plant steps in nicely and this is possibly the natural evolution for my cactus rack and hanging ivy!


Box armchairs

Just a very quick Sunday night post to update you on a couple of new additions to the H&D stock; two lovely boxy shaped armchairs  of classic fifties design with deep borders and splayed legs. They've been upholstered in heavy weaves on the back and a light linen on the inside back and seat. Beautiful as a pair or on their own.

1950's box arm chair in a Designers Guild heavy weave and a cotton linen mix: £550

1950's box arm chair in a Designers Guild heavy weave and a cotton linen mix: £550

Enjoy the week everyone xx



May Day, traditionally a time of magic and music, welcoming in the summer months with flowers and dancing. All the fables and fairies of old England, not to forget the morris dancing! Well I didn't see any of that because I only left my flat twice to play tennis, such was the excitement of my bank holiday!

I had 140 school reports to write for the all the kiddos I teach art, English and other exciting things. I qualified as a primary school teacher after I left university but hadn't taught for years.  Then, when I left my full time production job to start Hickey and Dobson, I needed the financial security of a guaranteed income. It's worked out amazingly well, I forgot I love teaching (and learning) and the kids are fantastic BUT it's only a couple of days a week and I get to be my own boss and creative the rest of the time. Life's good.

So this May bank holiday, a time I traditionally like to spend indulging in a spot of wanton hedonism, was spent beavering away in front of a computer screen. In order to stay sane positive, I had carefully constructed treats at regular time intervals, highlights of which included yummy food, very competitive tennis matches and gardening, rock n' roll!

Re invigorated herb garden above.
It wasn't all bad though. The sun was out so we ate in the garden, (massive highlight), I spotted some tadpoles in the pond I built this winter (I thought they all died in the frosty weather), we put up our new garden shelves which look ace (thanks Liz and Siew, I loves them!)and I beat Nick at tennis (whoop!).

Lovely new shelves and sunken half barrel pond (home to tadpoles)
And last but not least, it's been a bumper weekend for Hickey and Dobson sales, in total I've sold five chairs this weekend and a number of the vintage bits I have for sale. Not that I'm complaining, but I really can't keep up with all the upholstery so I've decided to get someone to help me. I've known him for ages as I used to get him to upholster furniture for the shoots I used to work on, he's brilliant (way more experienced than me) so hopefully now I will be able to keep stock coming in rather than feeling like as soon as I get a nice, healthy stock level it all disappears.

Right, to bed, I have a busy week ahead of me, two days till I see my big sis! x


Bank holiday business

A heads up west London peeps, H&D is now stocked in a great interiors and furniture shop on the Golborne Road just off Portobello, called Hutch. I went down on Friday to photograph my chair in it's window but it had been sold, so here's a picture of some of the other lovely stuff they have for sale.

And not forgetting the Perching Post on Barnes High Street, where we're also stocked and doing a roaring trade. Both shops have chairs which are exclusively sold there. I try to always have one in stock but it's not always possible.

And a couple of new pieces I've finished this week:

1950's Danish lounge chair £460
This is a stunning example of a mid century Danish lounge chair; beautiful patina to the wood and clean, handsome lines to the frame. It has been upholstered in a heavy blue and white striped weave on the front and dusky blue linen on the reverse, both fabrics by Designers Guild.

1950's Communist Chair £200
And another 1950's old GDR, East German chair. A gorgeous shape, just right for a corner chair, desk chair or even a dining chair. This has been covered in a dark green linen on the inside and a grey and white checked linen on the outside, both fabrics 100% linen by Designers Guild.

Today has been a chair day, tomorrow shall be a garden day and Monday is a report writing day (for the part time teaching I do)and so my weekend is mapped out. My big sister, Katie, arrives back from Hong Kong on Tuesday for two weeks. I haven't seen her since last summer, so all spare time will be spent hanging out  en famille, hence frantically trying to get everything done that needs to be done! Not that I mind, I've been sitting here all afternoon pottering on the 'pooter and taking photos, with the sun streaming in,  listening to classic old mix tapes I made for friends' hen do's over the years. All this topped off by a surprise visit from a very old school friend who lives in Morocco now  - what a joy it is to catch up with people you've known all your life, really made my weekend!

And so the next post will probably be endless pictures of flowers but I think I have overdosed on chair snaps this time. I had to add one of husbundo actually sitting in a chair as otherwise they do tend to look a bit like a still life study rather than what they really are; functional (but beautiful) pieces of furniture!