New goodies

Yesterday morning I made the dawn dash to an antiques market to see what goodies I could lay my hands on. It was a rainy morning sandwiched between two gorgeous bright days, bit of a shame as a) it's a bit miz stooging round in the rain at 6:30am with increasingly wet feet (note to self, Uggs are not waterproof after an hour of splashing through puddles and b) a lot of stall owners don't bother turning up and if they do they don't get all their stuff out of the vans. Hey ho, it was not a bad morning and I found a few gems.

First up this gorgeous little oak table with an enamel table top,  little draw and bakelite handle - love it.

1940's oak table with enamel metal top £140

Secondly, these Belgium tubular steel 1940's factory chairs. They are adult size, look fab either individually or as a set and stack up neatly. 

1940's tubular steel factory chairs £35 each, 4 available

I also picked up another of the little oak school desks that I had once before and another wire log basket.

Tubular steel 1940's oak school desk £70

Industrial wire basket £45

All of these trinkets are going to go up for sale on my shop very soon, I'm just waiting to do a bit of a launch of a new shop site. I'm trying to get lots of chairs finished for the same time so that when I do launch it I've got some great stock in. I'm hoping to get it all done for about two or three weeks time but if you are interested in any of the stuff above then just send me an email; hickeyanddobson@gmail.com.

I also bought a few bits and bobs for myself, I wouldn't really say essential's but I think they add to the flat. Above is a little 1950's tile table, arguably quite gross, but perfect for the enormous pot plant and quite in keeping with the rest of the room (not in a gross way hopefully!)

And this is a vintage vegetable rack, I love it, really I think it's fab, my husband on the other hand is not convinced. Maybe it's because our kitchen and sitting room run into each other so effectively we now have our veggies on display next to the lovely wood burning stove. Oh the trials of living in a small flat!

And a print of Tretchikoff's famous painting, Miss Wong, the height of kitsch really, and I know my Mum will hate it, but I happen to think it looks good at the end of our dark blue corridor.

And lastly a snap of my house guest this week, Iggy Pops, he's come to stay for a few days and is having a lovely time snoozing on our sofa, in our bed, anywhere and everywhere really, as well as woofing at the upstairs neighbours. Iggy is used to more refined accommodation in a detached house. It causes great excitement to hear people coming and going through his front door.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow to Sardinia (huzzah, hooray - sun and warmth at last) so I will be back in touch on my return. Have a lovely week one and all xx