My future summer

The future summer of my garden is contained in this one little cold frame. All the seeds i have lovingly grown on my window sills (and all over the rest of the flat) have now graduated to the big outdoors via my cold frame.

It has been a bit of feat raising seedlings in this monstrous spring but I persevered and they all seem to be thriving now, and  to be honest I'm not sure where I'm going to put them all - the garden is really not that big and it's already pretty full. I am a compulsive bulb, flower and seed shopper in the same way some people are about shoes (I'm pretty bad with shoes as well actually!) Anyhow, I shall be giving away little lupins and sweet peas to my nearest and dearest in a month or two. I know a few people are still nurturing my foxglove gifts from last summer, they should come into full bloom soon.

Having spent a really boringly long time not feeling very well and with absolutely no energy I am now feeling much, much beter and have started planning a whole new bumper lot of chairs. I am also planning on hitting a couple of antiques markets next week so I should have a few more things to put on the on line trinkets shop (I realise I am practically out of stock of both chairs and other goodies.)

I do have one little thing for sale, an old 1940's vintage tricycle! It works perfectly with a working chain, brakes and original rubber wheels. I bought it for my godson but he is only 1 and is a long way off being able to ride this bad boy, plus he only has a wee garden so this would be a highly impractical gift and one which might not go down too well with his parents. It's yours for a bargain price of £40.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends one and all, Mary x