Sun soaking in Sardiinia

I have returned from my jaunt to sunnier climes, revitalised, refreshed and very full of pasta and red wine. A pretty good feeling.
Me sister Lizzie and I, booked some crazily cheap flights to Sardinia only a few weeks ago when it was still blizzard conditions in London, not really expecting it to be that hot over there. They have had a winter a bit like ours and it was tipping it down until the day before we arrived, a nerve racking time as we avidly checked the weather forecast pre holiday.
Anyway, we needn't have worried, the weather was b-e-a-utiful, the sun shone down every day with a lovely cool breeze and we pootled around in summer dresses and scoffed salami on the beach in our bikinis. Bliss.
At risk of sounding like an employee of the Sardinian tourist board, just let me eulogise for a minute about the island. It is amazing. There are beautiful little towns with cobbled medieval streets and little squares with bars where vino rosso is served with Italian tapas.
There are staggering beaches, straight off a picture postcard of the Greek islands, with turquoise water lapping white pebbly beaches where you can walk between little coves only reachable by foot - and in April you are the only person on them!
We hired a car and stayed in a different place each night, travelling from the medieval city Alghero in the north to the east coast town of Dorgali where we stayed on a little farm the other side of the coastal mountains, looking out over fields and rugged mountains. You would never know the sea was only a fifteen minute drive away.

We then headed back up north, weaving our way from one coast to the other, through fields full of wild flowers and snow capped mountains, it had a distinct Middle Earth feel.
And so to our final destination, a sleepy fishing village right on the very north westerly tip of the island, a place called Stintino, famous for its anual manzana, or tuna slaughter (not sure how I feel about that).
I love the photo above.

And just down the road, the most incredible beaches again!
I didn't know the sea in Europe could be this colour.
And home, back to real life, but at least it's warmer here too and everything in the garden has come to life. Nothing quite like the amazing succulents which grew all over the dunes behind the beaches in Sardo, but the magnolia tree is nearly out and everything is looking much more hopeful.

More chairs and stuff soon, watch this space x