Devon delights

This is the last of my weekends away for a little while, I am now London bound for a fair few weeks and as much as I love the big smoke I increasingly find myself checking out house prices in rural idyls and dreaming of living in one of the jaw dropping houses you could buy with the swag you get for quite a small London flat. 
My friends Liz and Jimmy did just that, upped sticks and moved to a little village near Totnes in Devon, to say it is pretty is an under statement, it is simply gorgeous. Water is everywhere (which I love) the sea is only a twenty minute drive away and there is a little river running through the village and the River Dart is nearby with fab pubs on it with river views. They're saving up to get a two man kayak so they can paddle to the pub - awesome!
Their dog Watson, also likes the change in lifestyle, in fact he thought he'd died and gone to heaven when he got to go to the beach everyday! 
Saturday was a total corker of a day and we pootled off to yet another beautiful beach for a BBQ and a sun bathe, who would have thought we'd be doing this in April a few weeks ago!
My friends Siew and Henry were also staying for the weekend, me, Siew and Liz used to work together at an interiors/lifestyle company and hadn't seen each other for a while, it was the perfect catch up and total bliss to be in such a gorgeous spot.
Liz is a graphic designer and Jimmy a photographer and needless to say their house is pretty gorgeous too. They are doing it up bit by bit, below are a few of the parts I liked most.

Liz is in the process of starting up her own stationery and lifestyle business, Snork Living, it specialises in graphic design, traditional print making and hand stitching - she even prints the paper herself, amazing! Check it out at Snork Living.
I left Devon at the crack of dawn (well, about 9 o'clock) on Sunday morning to get to London in time to cheer on my sister, Alice, at the London marathon. Excruciatingly there was a two hour delay at Reading and I just missed her cross the finish line, drat! Anyhow i caught up with her afterwards and she was totally buzzing and seemingly had loved it. 

Surely you're not meant to look this happy, healthy and generally full of beans when you've just run 26.2 miles!! Amazing.

So all that's left to say is a huge thank you to Liz and Jimmy for such a totally wonderful weekend, you guys are the best hosts.

Oh and check out the new Daft Punk song, Get Lucky, it is the beginning of summer encapsulated in a song, good times are coming!