Chairs, a sofa and some vintage finds

Knoll 1950's arm chair  in shaded bue, textured wool £550
I've been very busy this week getting some new bits and bobs ready to sell. First, the lovely bar frame chair above, a real beauty and has been covered in a gorgeous Designers Guild blue shaded wool. 

1940's cocktail chair £390

Secondly, a classic little cocktail chair in neutral tones, with a plain cotton/linen on the inside in a  pewter colour and a very nice textured linen on the outside and back.

Button back 1940's cocktail sofa £875

And, saving the best till last, an amazing 1940's button back cocktail sofa. It's quite rare that I get one of these and I absolutely love it. It's been covered in a gorgeous mink Designers Guild velvet on the inside and grey wool check on the outside, a pretty special piece.

1950's formica topped, splayed leg table l89 x w69 £80

And on to some other vintage pieces of furniture I have found, first up the formica topped table above. It has lovely, splayed legs and a little metal handled drawer at one end. The top is an off white colour and over all the piece is in excellent condition.  

1940's German beer hall bench, £60

This is a 1940's German beer bench from the old beer halls, you can pretty much imagine some leiderhosen clad, bearded men tucking into an ale on this. It's been painted a reddish orange colour with the natural wood showing through. I love the colour but it could be easily sanded down if you wanted a natural finish.

1940's children's school chairs, £25 each

And lastly, these super cute little old school chairs, I actually think I remember sitting on something like this when I was very little, they stir up fond emotions anyhow. They are in very good condition and there are three available, £25 each.

And I shall leave you with some pictures of my garden because it is my heart and joy, and one of my husband who comes a close second! The magnolia tree is in flower which makes the garden look amazing. It only lasts a week or two so you really have to appreciate it whilst it's there, hence me snapping it in all different lights.

Nick has been absent from all my jaunts of late because he is writing his thesis for his doctorate which needs to be a squillion pages long, poor thing. Any hoo, he has been a permanent fixture in the garden during the warm weather and is looking more tanned than me after five days in Sardinia.

Here he is enjoying the sun looking very studious!

Have a good week everyone, I'm off to bed after an exhausting weekend of socialising, I can't handle late nights anymore, I'm definitely getting old.


Devon delights

This is the last of my weekends away for a little while, I am now London bound for a fair few weeks and as much as I love the big smoke I increasingly find myself checking out house prices in rural idyls and dreaming of living in one of the jaw dropping houses you could buy with the swag you get for quite a small London flat. 
My friends Liz and Jimmy did just that, upped sticks and moved to a little village near Totnes in Devon, to say it is pretty is an under statement, it is simply gorgeous. Water is everywhere (which I love) the sea is only a twenty minute drive away and there is a little river running through the village and the River Dart is nearby with fab pubs on it with river views. They're saving up to get a two man kayak so they can paddle to the pub - awesome!
Their dog Watson, also likes the change in lifestyle, in fact he thought he'd died and gone to heaven when he got to go to the beach everyday! 
Saturday was a total corker of a day and we pootled off to yet another beautiful beach for a BBQ and a sun bathe, who would have thought we'd be doing this in April a few weeks ago!
My friends Siew and Henry were also staying for the weekend, me, Siew and Liz used to work together at an interiors/lifestyle company and hadn't seen each other for a while, it was the perfect catch up and total bliss to be in such a gorgeous spot.
Liz is a graphic designer and Jimmy a photographer and needless to say their house is pretty gorgeous too. They are doing it up bit by bit, below are a few of the parts I liked most.

Liz is in the process of starting up her own stationery and lifestyle business, Snork Living, it specialises in graphic design, traditional print making and hand stitching - she even prints the paper herself, amazing! Check it out at Snork Living.
I left Devon at the crack of dawn (well, about 9 o'clock) on Sunday morning to get to London in time to cheer on my sister, Alice, at the London marathon. Excruciatingly there was a two hour delay at Reading and I just missed her cross the finish line, drat! Anyhow i caught up with her afterwards and she was totally buzzing and seemingly had loved it. 

Surely you're not meant to look this happy, healthy and generally full of beans when you've just run 26.2 miles!! Amazing.

So all that's left to say is a huge thank you to Liz and Jimmy for such a totally wonderful weekend, you guys are the best hosts.

Oh and check out the new Daft Punk song, Get Lucky, it is the beginning of summer encapsulated in a song, good times are coming! 


New bits

Ta da, as promised, new stuff! Above is a little 50's stool that I've done up in some cool, pink flecky material with black felt buttons. I'm trying to branch out in to stools a bit more as they are very useful and much more affordable. The only problem is I can't seem to find that many nice ones. This lil' beauty is yours for £120.

This chair I love. It's a little 1940's cocktail chair, upholstered in pebble grey felt wool on the inside and a stunning orange and turquoise silk mix check on the outside. The checked fabric is textured and really amazing, £390.

And last but not least, a 1950's club chair, a very well made and heavy piece if furniture, upholstered in a gorgeous floral linen on the inside and a plain duck egg linen on the sides and reverse - so pretty! £450

I should have another couple ready in a few days so watch this space, I'm on a roll. I'll officially put them up for sale real soon but as per usual  get in touch if any of them take your fancy; hickeyanddobson@gmail.com. 


Sun soaking in Sardiinia

I have returned from my jaunt to sunnier climes, revitalised, refreshed and very full of pasta and red wine. A pretty good feeling.
Me sister Lizzie and I, booked some crazily cheap flights to Sardinia only a few weeks ago when it was still blizzard conditions in London, not really expecting it to be that hot over there. They have had a winter a bit like ours and it was tipping it down until the day before we arrived, a nerve racking time as we avidly checked the weather forecast pre holiday.
Anyway, we needn't have worried, the weather was b-e-a-utiful, the sun shone down every day with a lovely cool breeze and we pootled around in summer dresses and scoffed salami on the beach in our bikinis. Bliss.
At risk of sounding like an employee of the Sardinian tourist board, just let me eulogise for a minute about the island. It is amazing. There are beautiful little towns with cobbled medieval streets and little squares with bars where vino rosso is served with Italian tapas.
There are staggering beaches, straight off a picture postcard of the Greek islands, with turquoise water lapping white pebbly beaches where you can walk between little coves only reachable by foot - and in April you are the only person on them!
We hired a car and stayed in a different place each night, travelling from the medieval city Alghero in the north to the east coast town of Dorgali where we stayed on a little farm the other side of the coastal mountains, looking out over fields and rugged mountains. You would never know the sea was only a fifteen minute drive away.

We then headed back up north, weaving our way from one coast to the other, through fields full of wild flowers and snow capped mountains, it had a distinct Middle Earth feel.
And so to our final destination, a sleepy fishing village right on the very north westerly tip of the island, a place called Stintino, famous for its anual manzana, or tuna slaughter (not sure how I feel about that).
I love the photo above.

And just down the road, the most incredible beaches again!
I didn't know the sea in Europe could be this colour.
And home, back to real life, but at least it's warmer here too and everything in the garden has come to life. Nothing quite like the amazing succulents which grew all over the dunes behind the beaches in Sardo, but the magnolia tree is nearly out and everything is looking much more hopeful.

More chairs and stuff soon, watch this space x