Trinkets and wotsits for sale

Some more pretty thing's I've collected for your home..

First up, an industrial style 1940's writing desk. This comes from a Belgian secondary school and has a hook for a blazer on one side. The frame is made of tubular steel and the top and foot rest are oak.

1940's tubular steel and oak desk: £75

Next up, 1950's vintage 7up drinks crate, great for all sorts of storage, £25

Again from Belgium, this is an old bakery loaf basket, very sturdy and again perfect for storage, diameter 32cm height 35cm, £45

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I am having not just a duvet day, but a duvet weekend. I will get my act together for Mothers Day tomorrow, but till then there is no where I would rather be than safely tucked up on my sofa with the yet to be watched Homelands season 1 DVD next to me. This has had a lot of hype, it better be good!