Los Flores

I haven't been very well this week which has had the unlooked for silver lining of some gorgeous flowers landing on my door step. There is hardly anything in life quite as nice as the doorbell ringing and, there waiting for you, a delivery man with an enormous bunch of flowers, especially when the flowers in question look like the ones below, so thank you very much Mary and Stewart and Harry and of course Nick, one can never have too many flowers!

I've started my spring time seed growing extravaganza but it's way too cold in the green house still, so seed trays, seedlings and gorgeous bouquets are all having to vie for space in our sitting room.

It feels a bit like we're squatting in an eccentric old ladies lounge, all we need are lots of cats to complete the picture.

With all this freezing weather the garden is looking far less alive than inside the flat, the only plant of note being these hyacinths in one of the window boxes, a bit of colour, yey!

I have also picked up a few new chairs which are awaiting renovation. I shall pop them on the tbu page (to be upholstered page) and let me know if you're interested; hickeyanddobson@gmail.com.