Communist chairs

1950's desk or dining chair: £280

So called because the man I buy these chairs from calls them Communist chairs as he can only find them in old East Germany. They were standard issue in the old GDR state and are classic in their sturdy design and minimalist look.

The chair has a sprung seat and a beech frame and is upholstered in Designers Guild 100% linen.

Other than that, I've not much to report I'm afraid. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and have spent most of the weekend watching Homeland, potting seedlings and moodily staring out of the window at the freezing drizzle. I took the picture above from my desk this morning, and it perfectly sums up how I feel about this so called British spring time - gloomy!


Los Flores

I haven't been very well this week which has had the unlooked for silver lining of some gorgeous flowers landing on my door step. There is hardly anything in life quite as nice as the doorbell ringing and, there waiting for you, a delivery man with an enormous bunch of flowers, especially when the flowers in question look like the ones below, so thank you very much Mary and Stewart and Harry and of course Nick, one can never have too many flowers!

I've started my spring time seed growing extravaganza but it's way too cold in the green house still, so seed trays, seedlings and gorgeous bouquets are all having to vie for space in our sitting room.

It feels a bit like we're squatting in an eccentric old ladies lounge, all we need are lots of cats to complete the picture.

With all this freezing weather the garden is looking far less alive than inside the flat, the only plant of note being these hyacinths in one of the window boxes, a bit of colour, yey!

I have also picked up a few new chairs which are awaiting renovation. I shall pop them on the tbu page (to be upholstered page) and let me know if you're interested; hickeyanddobson@gmail.com.


Trinkets and wotsits for sale

Some more pretty thing's I've collected for your home..

First up, an industrial style 1940's writing desk. This comes from a Belgian secondary school and has a hook for a blazer on one side. The frame is made of tubular steel and the top and foot rest are oak.

1940's tubular steel and oak desk: £75

Next up, 1950's vintage 7up drinks crate, great for all sorts of storage, £25

Again from Belgium, this is an old bakery loaf basket, very sturdy and again perfect for storage, diameter 32cm height 35cm, £45

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I am having not just a duvet day, but a duvet weekend. I will get my act together for Mothers Day tomorrow, but till then there is no where I would rather be than safely tucked up on my sofa with the yet to be watched Homelands season 1 DVD next to me. This has had a lot of hype, it better be good!


El burro

My Ma and Pa have done their anual winter retreat to our farm in Spain. They while away about half the year there and rent out the farm house for the rest of the time. It's where I got married  last August and is both very beautiful and pretty wild, proper rural Espana!  

Our farm  has just taken on an even more rustic note with the addition of our newest farm yard guest, our very own donkey! I just received these pictures in my inbox today from a very excited Dad, who plans to use the yet to be named burro to pull the cart which is used to collect all the harvested cherries, apples, figs and chopped wood. Mum and dad are dotty about animals in general and so is our friend Juan, who looks after the farm when we're not there. He assures us she is very friendly, I can't wait to meet her.

The farm looks very different at this time of year with snowy peaks and frosty mornings, a far cry from the heady days of summer where you wallow by the pool, creeping from one shady patch to the next - see below.

The house is available to rent through the following website, www.ownersdirect.com, this will give you available dates and prices etc. I may be biased, but in my opinion (and that of all our wedding guests) it really is one of those places that takes your breath away and of course, now there is a donkey to complete the experience! 


Edna: 1950's Danish lounge chair

Ta da...

Introducing the Edna Chair, a pretty swanky 1950's Danish teak lounge chair, recovered in Designers Guild 100% cotton velvet, £590.