This was our first holiday since we got married and as such it was a bit special, we only went for a few days but it felt like ages.

Venice is just so ridiculously beautiful you wander round and round completely gob smacked by the history, the beauty, the sheer craziness of a city built in the middle of a lagoon!

It was absolutely freezing the whole time we were there and it actually started to snow one evening. In between darting into incredible churches to listen to impromptu music concerts we spent most of our time hunting down our next eating and drinking establishment.

The trip was my surprise present to Nick for his 30th birthday so I had done lots of clandestine hotel research and after scouring Trip Advisor, had plumped for a family run B&B  in the Castello region of Venice. It was pretty perfect, fabric walls and traditional Ventian decor with a view of the "campo" below and a little area where we could eat breakfast in the room. 

It was the most amazing holiday, whilst ensconced in the tangled network of canals and crumbling alley ways we felt like we were in a different world, plus we ate like kings and drank amazing red wine for really not that much money, what's not to love?