St Valentines

Whoops, I missed it, but happy Valentines all you folk out there in the big ether world. I saw this a few years ago and have been waiting for an opportune moment to air it to the wider world and when better than St. V's day. Peace and love people.

We celebrated in style down at our local upmarket rezza, The Dock Kitchen, in Portobello Dock on Ladbroke Grove. It's right on the side of the canal and the dining room area over looks a sort of canal off shoot/pool, very nice with some ducks rootling around. But the big deal is the restaurant's design and food. Wow. It's built in conjunction with the designer Tom Dixon who has a shop below and provided all of the restaurant's furniture and fittings. It's a mixture of paired down industrial chic mixed in with lots of luxe copper lighting and more than a dash of log cabin feel. What ever it is it works, plus the food is totally SCRUMMY. I was recovering from a rather disgusting bout of gastric flu (gross!) so didn't really eat that much but what I did was quite unbelievably good, perhaps heightened by the fact I hadn't eaten anything for the last three days. Anyway, this is not a food blog so I shall reign in my culinary ramblings but suffice to say the food is so fresh I could literally taste the marshes in my agretta and clam dish and they do a £10 lunch menu. Bargain!

Plus, wandering back to the car we got a view of it from the outside, very nice indeed.

So, onto a more pertinent subject, these are the chair arms I have been lovingly sanding and waxing, looking pretty good in situ on the chair. The arms are just clamped on at the mo and I need to re-cover the outside arms but I'm hoping to have them finished early next week and then they will be up for grabs so watch this space.

And lastly, since I've been cooped up inside most of this week, some pictures of the flat dappled in that rare light we seldon see, sunshine at last! You might also notice a certain penchant for the humble house plant!

I love my cactus rack in our new study, it has been a source of much angst over the months as it took me freakin' ages to strip down and then wouldn't fit in the bathroom where it was intended. I think it's found it's perfect home now though, and looks fab sitting above husbundo's desk.

Here he is regaling me with all the new books he's bought recently, oh to be married to an almost Doctor!

More chair pics tomorrow I think as I've got a couple of bespoke pieces ready to photograph, until then, enjoy your Friday night everyone, I'm currently seat dancing to Carl Cox's Bestival 2009 mix which is surprisingly good!

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