All tooled up

Yeah, spring is on its' way, I can feel it in my (somewhat chilled) bones. Here's a little mood board as to how I'm feeling about this new month of February and the fast approaching and momentous start of Spring.  

I have this huge back catalogue of images I've collected over the last ten years or so of everything I find beautiful or inspiring and till now have never done anything with them. It's funny how the time of year, the weather, what books I've read, what music I'm listening too, what films or TV programmes I've watched all inform what sort of visual look/feel I'm going for. At the moment I'm definitely feeling the more organic vibe and am  veering towards more muted colours; greens, teals, oranges and browns.. not your traditional spring colours but there you go, that's what I like at the moment!

In light of this slightly subdued colour palette, I've been working on a pair of new chairs (as above) and am covering one in a mixture of oatmeals and off white and the other a mixture of teal and navy. They are beautiful chairs, the only problem was that the varnish had been water damaged over the years and I wasn't really that keen on the varnish anyway. Normally I will buff up the varnish on a chair, but this time I took drastic measures!

I found a local place where I could dip the wood work to get it stripped. I was a bit horrified when I got it back, the acid they're dipped in is pretty lethal stuff and had eaten away all the wood glue. It wasn't a problem as the arms are all held together by dowels but cosmetically they looked a bit rough. Hence my Friday started with a trip to the local DIY shop, chair arm in hand, to buy necessary equipment to restore said arm to it's former glory. And so ensued a happy day sanding, rubbing and wood fillering till the arms looked practically perfect. Tomorrow I have the happy job of oiling and polishing. It really is a surprisingly satisfying task to bring a piece of wood back to it's beautiful best and filled me anew with a respect for these vintage chairs, they are just so well made. Pics of the finished pieces soon I promise.

And so I will leave you for today with truly the most inspiring image I have found of late, not just the colours and the mountains and the snugliness but the promise of holidays and camping and aventures that spring time signifies.

Enjoy your weekend everyone x

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