This was our first holiday since we got married and as such it was a bit special, we only went for a few days but it felt like ages.

Venice is just so ridiculously beautiful you wander round and round completely gob smacked by the history, the beauty, the sheer craziness of a city built in the middle of a lagoon!

It was absolutely freezing the whole time we were there and it actually started to snow one evening. In between darting into incredible churches to listen to impromptu music concerts we spent most of our time hunting down our next eating and drinking establishment.

The trip was my surprise present to Nick for his 30th birthday so I had done lots of clandestine hotel research and after scouring Trip Advisor, had plumped for a family run B&B  in the Castello region of Venice. It was pretty perfect, fabric walls and traditional Ventian decor with a view of the "campo" below and a little area where we could eat breakfast in the room. 

It was the most amazing holiday, whilst ensconced in the tangled network of canals and crumbling alley ways we felt like we were in a different world, plus we ate like kings and drank amazing red wine for really not that much money, what's not to love?


Oak Spokes

Lucy Chair I: 1950's restored oak frame arm chair upholstered in Designers Guild heavy weave natural fabric £700

Here are the two large dark wood arm chairs I have been working on recently. These are the ones that I spent an entire weekend sanding and waxing the arms, but I hope you will agree, all the hard work was well worth it. 

Lucy Chair II: 1950's restored oak frame arm chair upholstered in Designers Guild heavy weave natural fabric and turquoise and blue woven stripe £700

Both chairs date from 1950's and were sourced from Germany, they have a solid oak frame and are extremely well made with a very comfy (and large) seat.

PLease also take a look at the new section of the site "on line trinkets shop", this is a selection of beautiful objects for the home that I have collected with the aim of starting an online shop selling items that reflect my own style and love for interiors and vintage. It's only in it's infancy and I have lots more things to put up (my limited web design skills hold the whole process up a little bit) but here's a taster of what's to come.

 Victorian iron wash stand and enamel bowl £40

Apple crate on wheels £35

1950's plastic stacking chair in the style of Robin Day £35

I'm off to Venice at the crack of dawn tomorrow so will catch up with you all next week and unleash a deluge of atmospheric canal snaps on you. Till then... x


A Bespoke Couple

As promised, pictures of two bespoke pieces I've been working on recently. Two different looks, but both fabric combinations work very well. It's always good to see a customer's fabric choices come up so nicely and I'm sure it's a relief for the customer too!


St Valentines

Whoops, I missed it, but happy Valentines all you folk out there in the big ether world. I saw this a few years ago and have been waiting for an opportune moment to air it to the wider world and when better than St. V's day. Peace and love people.

We celebrated in style down at our local upmarket rezza, The Dock Kitchen, in Portobello Dock on Ladbroke Grove. It's right on the side of the canal and the dining room area over looks a sort of canal off shoot/pool, very nice with some ducks rootling around. But the big deal is the restaurant's design and food. Wow. It's built in conjunction with the designer Tom Dixon who has a shop below and provided all of the restaurant's furniture and fittings. It's a mixture of paired down industrial chic mixed in with lots of luxe copper lighting and more than a dash of log cabin feel. What ever it is it works, plus the food is totally SCRUMMY. I was recovering from a rather disgusting bout of gastric flu (gross!) so didn't really eat that much but what I did was quite unbelievably good, perhaps heightened by the fact I hadn't eaten anything for the last three days. Anyway, this is not a food blog so I shall reign in my culinary ramblings but suffice to say the food is so fresh I could literally taste the marshes in my agretta and clam dish and they do a £10 lunch menu. Bargain!

Plus, wandering back to the car we got a view of it from the outside, very nice indeed.

So, onto a more pertinent subject, these are the chair arms I have been lovingly sanding and waxing, looking pretty good in situ on the chair. The arms are just clamped on at the mo and I need to re-cover the outside arms but I'm hoping to have them finished early next week and then they will be up for grabs so watch this space.

And lastly, since I've been cooped up inside most of this week, some pictures of the flat dappled in that rare light we seldon see, sunshine at last! You might also notice a certain penchant for the humble house plant!

I love my cactus rack in our new study, it has been a source of much angst over the months as it took me freakin' ages to strip down and then wouldn't fit in the bathroom where it was intended. I think it's found it's perfect home now though, and looks fab sitting above husbundo's desk.

Here he is regaling me with all the new books he's bought recently, oh to be married to an almost Doctor!

More chair pics tomorrow I think as I've got a couple of bespoke pieces ready to photograph, until then, enjoy your Friday night everyone, I'm currently seat dancing to Carl Cox's Bestival 2009 mix which is surprisingly good!


All tooled up

Yeah, spring is on its' way, I can feel it in my (somewhat chilled) bones. Here's a little mood board as to how I'm feeling about this new month of February and the fast approaching and momentous start of Spring.  

I have this huge back catalogue of images I've collected over the last ten years or so of everything I find beautiful or inspiring and till now have never done anything with them. It's funny how the time of year, the weather, what books I've read, what music I'm listening too, what films or TV programmes I've watched all inform what sort of visual look/feel I'm going for. At the moment I'm definitely feeling the more organic vibe and am  veering towards more muted colours; greens, teals, oranges and browns.. not your traditional spring colours but there you go, that's what I like at the moment!

In light of this slightly subdued colour palette, I've been working on a pair of new chairs (as above) and am covering one in a mixture of oatmeals and off white and the other a mixture of teal and navy. They are beautiful chairs, the only problem was that the varnish had been water damaged over the years and I wasn't really that keen on the varnish anyway. Normally I will buff up the varnish on a chair, but this time I took drastic measures!

I found a local place where I could dip the wood work to get it stripped. I was a bit horrified when I got it back, the acid they're dipped in is pretty lethal stuff and had eaten away all the wood glue. It wasn't a problem as the arms are all held together by dowels but cosmetically they looked a bit rough. Hence my Friday started with a trip to the local DIY shop, chair arm in hand, to buy necessary equipment to restore said arm to it's former glory. And so ensued a happy day sanding, rubbing and wood fillering till the arms looked practically perfect. Tomorrow I have the happy job of oiling and polishing. It really is a surprisingly satisfying task to bring a piece of wood back to it's beautiful best and filled me anew with a respect for these vintage chairs, they are just so well made. Pics of the finished pieces soon I promise.

And so I will leave you for today with truly the most inspiring image I have found of late, not just the colours and the mountains and the snugliness but the promise of holidays and camping and aventures that spring time signifies.

Enjoy your weekend everyone x