New and Old

Just a very quick one to advertise a new chair and this one is actually up for grabs and not another bespoke!

A very simple Danish lounge chair upholstered in 100% cotton, navy velvet. I wanted to do something quite low key that would work in any surrounding, plus I think the style of chair suits a  more simple approach.

Danish Lounge Chair in blue velvet: £575

The wood has a lovely feel and all in all this is beautiful piece of furniture.

 I also have a couple of pieces of furniture that have been part of a shop window display and have now been returned which are still for sale.

  Windsor Chair: Danish Spoke arm chair: £550

 The Windsor Chair is a lovely example of a spoke arm chair with gorgeous brass detailing on the spokes. It is upholstered in a combination of oatmeal linen on the reverse and a floral upholstery weight silk on the front.

Gatsby 1920's shel back sofa: £700

This is an absolute gem of a sofa typical of the art deco style. It is upholstered in a large scale Designers Guild floral linen on the back and a 100% linen on the front with beautiful piping details.

It's going for a song at a very reduced price as I need to make room in my storage unit, so grab a bargain and a really beautiful piece of furniture to boot!

Email me if you have any questions, hickeyanddobson@gmail.com. 

Have a great weekend one and all, I hear there's snow on the way. xx

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