Welcome to the jungle

This sums up my Christmas - wet! From London to Hereford it has been a  complete washout and with this has gone my aspirations for using the time off to sort out the garden. We had a wonderful, family christmas with lots of fun and laughs and chats with all the people we love;  but it's nearly over and I've got that panicky back to term feel!

In the absence of getting outside I have become obsessed by house plants and we stopped off at the amazing Burford Garden Centre on the way back from Hereford with me all geed up for some serious buying.

I bought a few lovely hanging ones with trailers, in anticipation of the macrame plant pot holders I bought on Etsy. For now they will have to stay dangling from our coat rail where they are looking a little incongruous.

So this is our new study, the one which we have spent any spare moment over Christmas sanding, painting and generally admiring. Nick bought me a fantastic vintage botanical chart showing the life cycle of a hazelnut  which looks amazing hung over the fire place and works well with our new jungly feel.

We do also have a couple of desks too, for when we have to do some proper work; here's Nicks' all polished up looking snazzy.

And mine, a bit more chunky but just as lovely.

Now all I need to do is reupholster our ancient sofa bed and pop it against the far wall, et voila, a study/ spare room we have.

See you in 2013, I'm off to Suffolk for New Year and I'm crossing my fingers and toes for some crisp, bright wintry weather. Have fun everyone.

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