Frosty mornings

I drank too much muled wine at a carol concert last night, what a cliche! It was put on by my sister's law firm, which referred to itself as "The Firm" throughout the concert programme, which amusingly made it sound more like a mafiosa get together than a city law firm charity event! Anyhow, I'm not used to such upmarket events hence my over excitement at the booze and nibbles.

When I did finally get out of bed, woweee, what a sight! Everything was covered in just a light dusting of snow and looked suitably Chrsitmassy. I got out there with my camera PDQ and started snapping. 

You could see all the little bird and animal tracks in the snow and as soon as I set about breaking the ice on the bird bath and filling up the bird feeder this little chap came and landed at my feet and started foraging for crumbs. I really do have a soft spot for robins.

I hope you're all enjoying the build up to Christmas, new chair news soon I promise.

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