Bespoke projects and Christmas excitement

Above is a chair that I have just finished for a client up in Scotland, I thought it had come out really well so here's a snap.
I have been very busy doing lots of bespoke projects which, coupled with our DIY drive, mean I have been very quiet on the blog, apologies for that.

The chair below is one I was working on today, the colours are really amazing and I Love the yellow and brown heavy weight ticking on the outside of the chair.

Tomorrow is the 1st December and officially the start of the Christmas countdown. With the advent of Pinterest in my life I have become increasingly obsessed by homemade Christmas decorations and as such am very excited about getting our tree. I  have also invested in a pot of black board paint which I love; Christmas + blackboard paint = lots of home made gift ideas (watch out friends and family!)I have had much fun combining the black board paint and my new Dymo gun and whiled away a whole evening rearranging my spices, such is my life come the long dark winter evenings!

I was advised last weekend (note the wettest weekend in memory) that all spring bulbs needed to be planted asap or there would be some kind of garden catastrophe. Having bought lots of bulbs at considerable expense I proceeded to plant said bulbs in the pouring rain... only for the squirrels to come and dig half of them up, grrr!

At least now we have swapped rooms I can keep a watchful eye on my bulbs from my bedroom window and me and the squirrel seem to be locked in a battle of wits which I preside over from my bed mostly!

The view from my bedroom window!

Thank you for reading this rather random post, I am going to try and get a few more chairs up for sale soon, but in the mean time if you see anything you like on the "to be upholstered section" of the website then please get in touch and we can discuss fabric options, hickeyanddobson@gmail.com.

Have a good week.

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  1. I love my chair. Looks great on your blog and next to my Christmas tree.
    Thanks so much,
    Susan x