I really don't know where to begin, the summer has almost gone and I am back in Blighty, two weddings and a honeymoon down and for the first time in a month I feel like normal life might actually resume and I can start thinking about normal day to day things (let alone chairs just yet, although I should have some new ones ready in a few weeks time).

It all started with a service at our local church and a garden party back at my parents house. 

Beyond anyone's wildest dreams it was an absolute corker of a day and the sun did not stop shining, some benevolent spirit was surely shining on us and as champagne levels intensified so did the general bonhomie of the day.

All five of us sisters were back together with my big sis Katie having flown back from Hong Kong, so that made the whole day that bit more special.  

It was a complete family affair, with my Ma and Pa the happiest of hosts, just what I wanted.

We waved goodbye to everyone feeling very, very happy and excited about the next part of the adventure (as well as somewhat tipsy).

The next morning we hopped aboard our trusted steed (my Mum's enormous Toyota) which was packed to the brim with camping kit and wedding gear and headed off on our trans France adventure - destination Casa Pedder, Spain.

First stop was a little campsite near Limoges where we did very little apart from drink wine, eat cheese and sleep which was all much to my liking.

We pottered about French market towns and I tried to recreate family holidays of bygone times by insisting we go canoeing on a mosquito ridden river in the rain... that wasn't quite such a success!

And then to the coast! We had heard about this fabled campsite in the middle of nowhere where vast pine forests led to enormous sand dunes, which in turn led to the beach and then the Atlantic Ocean. We had also heard that unless you got there in the early hours of the morning you didn't stand a hope in hell of getting in - it was nail biting stuff as we pitched up mid morning I can tell you.

Even though the sign by the entrance to the campsite read "tente complet" the lovely owner still somehow managed to rustle us up a little dune side pitch and it really did live up to all the hype. 

We did yoga on the beach in the morning and swam naked in the sea (the beach was huge and desserted). In the afternoon we played our obligatory game of Scrabble and attempted to surf the enormous Atlantic rollers. 

It was bliss but after three days of camping in the sand, we had to admit that the Germans were on to something with their not very attractive camping tables and chairs, you just couldn't cook a meal at ground height without sand getting into everything!

And so we bid a fond farewell to the tent and headed over the border into Spain to the gastronomic centre of San Sebastian.

Walking in to a slightly down at heal bar in San Seb and seeing the entire counter top covered in tens of different types of tapas is  a sight to behold. Standing on the streets eating pintxos washed down with some red wine was really a highlight of the trip. 

We spent a happy couple of days pottering around the town and guzzling food. San Seb truly has everything, a beach, beautiful harbour, pretty old town, amazing food and great bars. Plus we were able to meet up with some of our future wedding guests which was a real treat.

However once in Spain the fact that we imminently had one hundred guests arriving at a remote mountainside campsite in rural Spain started to weigh on our minds somewhat and so we decided to bust it down to my parents house in central Spain to start transforming the campsite into a wedding venue. 

I'm going to leave writing about the Spanish part of our wedding adventure until tomorrow night, there are just so many photos! 

But just to leave you with a couple I really love which sum up vibe quite well I think.

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  1. An Amazing love story for which i feel honoured to have witnessed. Great piccies! Welcome home Mr. and Mrs. Taylor! x x x x